Cloud web hosting without complex processes with Rajendra Zore – SWC 45

Rajendra Zore cloud web hosting
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Cloud web hosting without complex processes with Rajendra Zore - SWC 45

Cloud hosting options for website hosting is gaining popularity in recent times. How much geekiness do you need to jump from regular shared hosting to cloud hosting?

Thought of a managing own servers scares a lot of folks in this ecosystem. Making sense of cloud hosting, its complexities and processes, here is Rajendra Zore explaining it all.

01. Understanding Cloud Hosting

  • For someone who is more accustomed to using godaddy, hostgator, siteground or maybe even WPengine for website hosting, how would you define the concept of cloud hosting?
  • Cpanel is a common interface for shared hosting users. Moving from the traditional hosting to cloud hosting, how do you address vanishing of cpanel? Remember, a lot of options vanish here!

02. Cloud Hosting Complexities

  • I am going to quote you here, “I want everyone to leverage the power of cloud infrastructure without really worrying about the complex processes”. Now, isn’t this too good to be true because cloud hosting and technical complexities go hand in hand?
  • What are a few perceived complexities or problems that are often associated with the use of cloud hosting infrastructure?
  • What are actual problems or technical complexities with cloud hosting infrastructure?

03. Cloud Hosting Management

  • I was on RunCloud website and it read, “Managing your server shouldn’t be rocket science”. Guess what, it is rocket science for someone how can at best navigate inside WordPress dashboard. What level of tech know-how is needed for cloud hosting management?
  • Would it be correct to say, cloud hosting is more suited for folks running agencies and managing client websites as against a DIY user wanting to use for his own website?

04. Cloud Hosting Infrastructure

  • Shared hosting providers generally have their own server infrastructure but in cloud hosting you are using server infrastructure of specific providers like linode, digital ocean, vultr, Google cloud and so on. How do you decide which one to use, isn’t this like selecting a new hosting provider all together?
  • Do you at runcloud recommend specific cloud provider or leave it all at the user’s discretion?
  • I heard this somewhere, the future is hosting is in the cloud. Recently, Flywheel hosting went all cloud using Google cloud platform. Are we expecting traditional hosting companies to transition in cloud space or new companies are expected to take that pie?

Rajendra Zore’s ToolBox

  • Use MainWP to manage all websites from one single dashboard.
  • For website backups and migrations, use blogvault service.
  • Appreciate Siteground hosting for their excellent customer support.
  • Love WP Feedback for client feedback website work by Vito Peleg.

About Rajendra Zore

Rajendra Zore runcloudI am a college drop out. I dropped out of my final year of Computer Science. I have then worked in the non-IT sector until Aug’12 when I finally decided to become a full-time entrepreneur.

It was initially challenging for me to pick IT due to zero work experience but my passion for IT was there so I finally decided to start a web agency and named it almost after one month & completing my first project under that nameless company which is now known as etica studio.

There is a funny story behind picking that name for my company. One of this senior person called me at his office before I started my own company & after getting kicked out of my last job. He asked me, what will you do now? I said I will start something of my own. Then he asked me, how? Do you have money, team, infrastructure, etc..? I said No, but I have ethics & honesty. He smiled at me & at that time it was really impractical for him too. But, I was determined and name my company etica studio. Where ética means ethics.

I learned so much after starting my first company. Seen most of the dark side – from partners, friends, colleagues, etc. The other challenge was starting out in a new city where I was completely alone with no guidance or support. To be honest, I primarily started business coz I was unable to pay for my hostel & staying on the streets was not a great option which I realized soon after one night.

In 2015, I decided to close most of the operations in etica studio & become a soloprenuer. This vision was clear, pick & offer the services I know & passionate about. A company I can run on my own without any help. I founded HostMy.Blog to help the bloggers to take a leap to self-hosted blogging. The initial target was only fresh bloggers & those on free hosted platforms. I never wanted to reach the top tier bloggers initially. Top tiers are those who have 100s and millions of page views & earn through blogging. But what I started at HMB offering $18/yr service is now earning me $1000s/mo. + it got me introduced to the WP Care industry which I was completely unaware of. Currently, serving 100s of bloggers from all over the world.

While doing all this with my startup challenges – I was always focussed on my personal branding and engagements. Twitter was my start & also got recognized as one of the Power Digital Users of India. My life changed when I got involved with some of the top FB Communities in 2017 and met my kind of folks. Luckily got a chance to become an admin to the popular communities too. This additional responsibility helped me learned so much about the global communities & people from all across the world.

This whole journey of my personal branding, building startups, serving communities has caught RunCloud’s attention. So, I was one of the RunCloud Users & then they offered me to become their Head of Ambassador. But soon after when we met at Web Summit in Lisbon last year, they offered to become their CMO. I was excited about this new position as it aligns exactly with my vision in life.

Back in 2015, when I planned to start HostMy.Blog I had a similar vision of having something like CMS for Cloud / Servers too. This thought was very raw then & came to my mind due to WordPress – as it has made our life easy too. But due to lack of support or funding, I couldn’t do anything and fast forward 2017-18, I came across a similar product, RunCloud and I’m one of the leadership team.

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