Building CRM on WordPress for full control with Adrian Tobey

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Building CRM on WordPress for full control with Adrian Tobey

Websites are no longer just for good looking online presence – instead, they are like an engine for business conversions and growth. Connecting and communicating with customers are important components of a website.

For WordPress websites, there are a lot of ways to implement this like connecting with a third party CRM solution or building own CRM on WordPress itself. Digging deep into CRM setup on WordPress with full control, here is Adrian Tobey.

Building CRM on WordPress for full control with Adrian Tobey

01. CRM Components

  • CRM, customer relationship management can be a geeky and formal concept for a lot of users. How would you define CRM in the simplest terms?
  • What are the main components of CRM solution for a business setup?
  • Which is the most challenging component from implementation and management point of view?

02. CRM on WordPress

  • There are a lot of popular and feature-rich CRM solutions available, so why set up on WordPress and not use them?
  • Is WordPress as a foundation platform ready for full CRM building or there are still challenges in such setup?

03. WordPress Infrastructure for CRM

  • Besides WordPress and of course a CRM plugin solution like Groundhogg, what other infrastructure services are required? Like, do we need more powerful web hosting to power up these CRM processes?
  • Email communication is an important CRM component. So, would you recommend using third party transaction email service like mailgun, sendgrid to ensure better delivery?
  • Besides hosting and transaction email service, which other external services are required for CRM to work on WordPress platform?

04. WordPress CRM Options

  • Is it recommended to use a separate WordPress install other than WordPress install powering the main website for CRM setup?
  • Groundhogg appears to be a feature-rich CRM solution, are there other CRM solutions for WordPress?
  • Say someone does not want to set up CRM on WordPress instead prefer to use third-party CRM solution integrated with an existing WordPress website. Which CRM solution would you recommend in this case?

Adrian Tobey’s ToolBox

  • Use the Easy Digital Downloads plugin for all eCommerce stuff.
  • Helpscout for all support tickets and client communication.
  • Prefer to use Canva to quickly create graphic images.
  • Use Closte and prefer to check Kinsta web hosting for the future.

About Adrian Tobey

Adrian Tobey groundhogg crm wordpressI worked full time in a digital marketing agency while going to the University of Toronto part-time. During my 5 years at the agency, I became an Infusionsoft Certified Partner (I was 18 at the time), as I was doing a lot of Infusionsoft implementation for our agency clients.

In my 2nd year working in the agency I started FormLift. It was my first plugin, still kicking! It has ~1100 users within the Infusionsoft community as it was a product designed specifically for Infusionsoft.

I enjoyed working on Formlift more than I enjoyed studying for school, which led to my inevitable dropping out in my 3rd year of University to focus full time on digital marketing.

More: GroundHogg / Facebook Group

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