Essentialism framework to manage multiple businesses & clients with Jodi Hersh

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Essentialism framework to manage multiple businesses & clients with Jodi Hersh

Most geeks start with one type of online business and soon expand into a lot more. Handling multiple types of businesses is not easy and requires a lot of structural vision.

A popular answer to deal with overwhelm is minimalism. But for geeks trying to handle a lot of online business verticals, Essentialism can be an answer. Sharing her essentialism framework, here is Jodi Hersh.


01. World of Essentialism

  • We often hear Minimalism as an answer to focus on things that are essential. So, basically, remove everything and work with minimal stuff and to-dos. How is Essentialism different from minimalism?
  • For you, this essentialism approach was the result of multiple online businesses that you run. Can you quickly share your main business verticals and how they all contributed to the real need of having structure for focus and energy spending?

02. Essentialism in Geek Life

  • Let’s understand essentialism from the point of view of months, weeks, and days. Do you plan for a month to month basis? How these plans get refined when deciding on the work profile for a week to week basis?
  • With website clients, at times the set schedule goes for a toss as there are clients wanting immediate attention. How do you accommodate for such instances?
  • In your normal workday, how and where does essentialism has impacted you the most?

03. Results of Essentialism

  • Has this adoption of essentialism helped you do things faster, focus better, and handle work more efficiently? What are the key takeaways?
  • On the personal wellness and health front, did this help you get more time off from the work and do more leisure stuff?
  • For someone looking for more efficiency and order in the work-life, where does one start with essentialism as the centrepiece for all changes?

Jodi Hersh’s ToolBox

  • Asana, Dropbox, Google Drive, WordPress, and Adobe Suite.
  • Use WPEngine for all web hosting requirements.
  • For building website layouts use Beaver Builder & Themer.
  • Active Campaign for email marketing & easy WooCommerce integration.

About Jodi Hersh

jodi hersh orange star agencyI started my business (Orange Star Design) 27 years ago (1993) as a graphic designer. I have been designing and building websites since the mid-1990s – since the very beginning.

I do my best to keep up, evolving along with the industry and technology. I’ve helped clients with everything from logos, print materials, and building-sized graphics, to websites, mobile apps, music CDs, swag, trade show displays, and more.

I’ve worked with everyone from solepreneurs and small businesses to Fortune 500 companies, indie musicians and even a few rock stars. In 2013 I founded – pawsitively fetching sWAG and in 2018, I launched with Kim Doyal.

And I am getting ready to launch The Smartist Way™ – An essentialist approach to branding and marketing for small business.

More: Orange Star / thesmartistway / Content Creators Planner

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