Serving high value clients with custom data websites with Peter Luit – SWC 07

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Serving high value clients with custom data websites with Peter Luit - SWC 07

Attracting high-value clients by offering them custom data website solution is the focus area for Peter Luit. Coming from the publishing background, he applied the same foundation principles to flourish in the online world. Now, manages both online and publishing businesses together with good future prospects.

01. Why high-value focus

  • Lower cost website building like $1500 dollars or so is not your thing. Are you bored of doing this or you have never done this with a constant focus on the high-value website client opportunities?
  • A typical low-cost website would have a few standard pages and posts. However, to define a high-value proposition website, I am going to quote you here… “ I just try to offer websites, which are ‘translations’ of business-processes”. Can you elaborate on this?

02. High-value website workflow

  • A lot of people stuck in the vicious cycle of low-cost website building. They would be all attentive when I ask you this question, how do you reach out or make contact with high-value website opportunities?
  • Is your target client local in your country or worldwide? Also, do you use paid marketing to get the right type of website clients in the mix?

03. Before website building

  • After the first contact with the client, how do you proceed? Do you offer free business analyses that can result in an online solution in the form of a website?
  • For a new prospective client, what are things do you include in the initial offer that also has the final price tag?
  • How to deal with bargaining clients wanting some discount, a big adjustment or an extra cup of coffee?

04. Building Starts

  • Since you are heavy on the use of custom data solution implementation on WordPress platform, how do you decide on the custom data structure for a specific website? In more simpler terms, how many custom post types, which custom fields and what type of relationships they would have?
  • Which are your favorite tools for implementing custom data solution on WordPress platform? ACF, Pods, Toolset, Metabox etc.

05. Future of custom data

  • According to you, how would Gutenberg impact custom data websites? Does that mean better and easier display of custom data?

ToolBox of Peter Luit

  • Pods and ACF to custom data implementation.
  • Gravity Forms for creating contact forms.
  • Main WP for maintaining client websites for updates.
  • Cyfe as one dashboard for social media, analytics and more.
  • Use VPS web hosting from a local company in Amsterdam.
  • Beaver Builder is the recommended page builder.
  • Mailchimp email marketing for use in publishing business.

About Peter Luit

Initially, I was a consultant in the printing industry but after the crisis that market ‘kind of died’. However, I have a background in technology and printing industries.  I had developed a solution for management information systems based on FileMaker Pro. After the crisis, I saw that the online world was growing faster than print (which was in a decline and less money was flowing around).

Peter Luit Website DeveloperActually, I stepped into WordPress before the crisis, just to make my own website and I liked it the first moment I touched it. In a kind of ‘automatic’ flow, people started asking questions about this. Since, I had been a workflow specialist for many years in printing, so that background gave me a huge advantage to doing another kind of consultancy in the online market.

I returned to the printing industry as a publisher 4 years ago, when the major magazines around printing developments disappeared from the Dutch market. Together with some freelancers, I started my own publication with a paid content model and it is still growing together with advertising partners.

So in that way, about 50% of my time goes into as a developer and the other 50% of the time I am a publisher (and yes, making our own sites for that purpose).

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