Security first approach for building online presence with Clev Wong – SWC 34

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Security first approach for building online presence with Clev Wong - SWC 34

Security is often considered an afterthought or the last thing while building online web presence including websites for clients. Also, security routine is perceived more as an additional expense rather than investment in building the online presence of the business.

Clev Wong shares about the security first approach for creating an online presence for business clients. How various quantitative methods like case studies can be used to help businesses give more importance to security in terms of resources, quality, and money.

01. Making Security Important

  • I am going to quote you here, “Cybersecurity should be the foundation of any business vs. the last thing on the to-do list or an expense”. In reality, most business still considers this as an expense rather than an investment. How has been your experience in this regard?
  • Are there any quantitative methods backed by figures that help convince a business to invest more in the overall security of their online assets?

02. Security First Approach

  • Now, security first approach to building an online presence – does this mean factoring in security at every stage right from the planning or is there more in this concept?
  • Security is generally an afterthought or done at the end stages of the project. Isn’t security first approach more time consuming and expensive for a business?

03. Website & Web email Security

  • Official website of a company is a critical online space for prospective future clients. How do you ensure watertight security for websites of clients under your managed IT solutions?
  • Do you perform critical tasks of checking access logs, taking backups yourself or just train the company’s tech department employees to do so?
  • A lot of company websites have members or employee only access areas containing very important data. Do you separate that part from the main website or let it be part of the main website but take extra security steps?
  • Web email used by company employees can be a big source of leaks and hacks. Do you set up some proprietary email network or use out of the box services like Google Gmail Suite?

04. Evaluating the whole network

  • A lot of business have assets on a local intranet and online on the internet. What methodology or process do you use to evaluate data transmission within these networks from the security point of view?
  • What is the technical jargon used when presenting results of such network evaluation? Also, does this help convince a business to invest more in the security aspect down the line?

05. Humans and Security

  • Humans can be both asset and liability from the security point of view. How does one control security breaches as a result of an employee or other people?
  • Now thinking proactively only, how do you go about training the human workforce of the company to allow them to manage the network with greater security consciousness?

Clev Wong’s ToolBox

  • Use Pabbly (.com) for subscriptions and payments.
  • Own in-house tool for cybersecurity functionality of websites.
  • Use ManageWP for managing multiple websites from one interface.
  • Work with themes like GeneratePress, Astra for website development.
  • Prefer using Swift performance plugin for caching setup.

About Clev Wong

clev wong security buildingOur aim has and always been to introduce technology to companies and show them how it can be a safeguard, while at the same time, increase their efficiency and productivity to position them for growth.

Technology isn’t going anywhere, and instead of resisting it, embracing it will bring out a more positive outcome.

With managed IT, and cybersecurity, companies that use our solutions are able to leverage enterprise technology, and expertise – at small business prices.

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  1. Jay Leandro on May 26, 2019 at 11:06 pm

    This is very important! I think that security is treated more of a remedy than a preventative medium. So, it’s most important to those who have suffered because of not paying enough attention to it. By following Clev’s plan I think a lot more hacks and breaches will be prevented because like a headlight on a car, most people don’t know the importance until they need it.

  2. Raunak Hajela on June 2, 2019 at 11:48 am

    This was a fantastic podcast and I really liked the way Clev answered all questions with such honesty. Website security is something I never took seriously until one of my client 14 websites on shared hosting got hacked all at once and the hosting company answer is “All is fine, nothing hacked”. The people I ask for suggestions suggested installing wordfence, succuri scan, regular backups etc. which is a one time remedy but it cannot be the ultimate solution as there are so many things which happen behind the scenes while making it fully secure. Luckily, I connected with Clev at right moment and oh man, this guy is genius 😀

    Thanks, Davindar for inviting Clev to this podcast. I’m sure this will really benefit your listeners and prevent their websites from getting hacked which they poured a lot of time making it.

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