SEO Schema markup concept for better Google rankings with Rebecca Gill – SWC 43

Rebecca Gill SEO Schema Markup
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SEO Schema markup concept for better Google rankings with Rebecca Gill - SWC 43

Now, something that is not visible in the front end of the website often gets ignored. Schema markup is a vital component of SEO optimization for better ranking in Google search results.

Unfortunately, Schema markup is often painted as a difficult concept to grasp in the SEO ecosystem. Simplifying this concept, here is Rebecca Gill sharing about schema markup in the SEO mix and much more.

01. Importance of Schema Markup

  • Schema markup can be an intimidating concept for a lot of WordPress users who are mostly happy with installing their favourite SEO plugin and get done with the SEO process. How would you define schema to this type of user mix in the WordPress ecosystem?
  • While figuring out the complete SEO plan and related efforts for a website, how important is schema markup in this whole mix of SEO ranking factors?

02. Schema for Header, Footer & HTML5

  • Let’s start with very basic markup sections on a WordPress website like header and footer on a page. Generally, header and footer markup is added by the WordPress theme in question. But with more people using page builders for header and footer layout, I have noticed so many websites with even header and footer markup missing. Are these users confusing Google more or not helping Google enough?
  • If we go one level down, there are semantic elements in HTML5 like section, article, aside, nav and so on. How important are these within page content?

03. Schema on a small business website

  • Let’s take an example of a small business website, say a local salon website. So, besides the usual header, footer schema and in page content schema like an article, section and so on – what other schema elements we need to add in this specific type of website for better schema markup setup?
  • Is there a limit to adding the number of schema elements to a specific page or it is all subjective and depends on the person in charge for SEO optimization?

04. Adding Schema to WordPress website

  • On a WordPress website, the base schema is added by default, by a neatly coded WordPress theme. Which are few tools and plugins to add more refined schema depending on the type of website in question?
  • Is using a plugin like schema pro more recommended or going all manual by injecting schema using JSON file via javascript code, which is your recommended method?

05. Checking the Schema markup

  • So, I have setup and added schema markup to the website. How do I check if it is correct and valid schema markup?
  • Is there a way to check, if the type of schema that I have added is correct or this would require expert advice and intervention?
  • As per your experience, which are the most common mistakes people make while implementing schema markup on WordPress websites?

Rebecca Gill’s ToolBox

  • SEMrush for website audits and tracking for search data.
  • For keyword research requirement, use the KWfinder tool.
  • Using Dynomapper for visual sitemap architecture of the website.
  • Love using Yoast plugin for SEO configuration on WordPress sites.
  • Screamingfrog( for more website information like internal linking.
  • Like WP Engine for web hosting and website staging feature.

About Rebecca Gill

Rebecca Gill seo expertRebecca Gill is a seasoned sales and marketing professional with a passion for digital marketing, MarTech, and search engine optimization.

In addition to serving as the Vice President of Digital Marketing Services at emagine, she also publishes an SEO podcast at and online SEO courses at

Rebecca has a well-rounded business background within small businesses and enterprise organizations, as well as over 20 years of experience in sales, online marketing, and SEO.

In her consulting practice, she believes in holistic digital marketing that focuses on a mix of owned, earned, and paid media. She views PPC and SEO consulting as a long-term, collaborative partnership that should be based on website personas, the buyer’s journey, and an emphasis on resolving a user’s pain points via quality content marketing, lead generation, and conversion optimization.

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