Workflow to build websites really fast in one day with Chantal Marie – SWC 48

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Workflow to build websites really fast in one day with Chantal Marie - SWC 48

Is client website building taking you a few months to complete, or is it a few weeks? How about finishing client websites in a day or so? Sounds like a dream, right?

Well, few creatives are living this dream with a one-day website building model. Here is Chantal Marie sharing the workflow to finish websites in just a few days.

01. Fast Website Building

  • Building a client website in one day can surprise a lot of people in this ecosystem. What type of websites falls in this category of website building?
  • Before the day of building the website, what all prep work do you do with the client to finish off website in that one day?
  • “Building so quickly won’t be a good quality website”, have you encountered clients with this argument? If yes, how do you change this perception?

02. Client Communication

  • “I love to keep my meetings short and empower my peeps to freely maintain their websites without the fear of breaking it!”, what is the secret behind keeping meetings short because at times they tend to stretch a lot?
  • Which is your preferred method of client communication, video calls or email?
  • For one-day website projects, do you load up project details in a project management tool or keep it all email?

03. Finishing fast Websites

  • After the build, how many revisions or changes are allowed in one-day websites workflow?
  • I am sure you do not build a design layout for pre-approval before actual building as this isn’t feasible at this budget point and time involved. After the build, if a client does not like the design, how do you handle such a situation?

04. Tool Stack for fast Website Building

  • Now if you are custom coding websites, completing in one day can be a daunting task. So, what is your tool stack for website building that also helps in quick turn around time?
  • How has this tool stack changed over a period of a few years, like which few tools got dropped and which few tools got added that sped up the website building process even further?

05. One Day website building ecosystem

  • Now I see a lot more agencies offering such one-day quick website building services. As per your experience, is it more profitable and more comfortable to provide this service as compared to more significant scope custom website projects?
  • Besides one day websites, you also provide one week and other types of websites building. What percentage is one-day website in this whole mix?
  • Someone listening to this and wants to dip toes into one-day website building service offering, any quick dos and don’ts?

Chantal Marie’s ToolBox

  • Paypal for payments and Google suite for email communication setup.
  • Love using Telegram(.org) for client communication needs.
  • Use Dropbox for storing and sharing files for client projects.
  • Adobe Photoshop for design assets creation for web projects.
  • Started using WPFeedback recently for quick click feedback.
  • Also digging into  Split Hero for split testing purpose.

About Chantal Marie

Chantal Marie website creatorHi! I’m Chantal! Award-winning serial entrepreneur, super mom and website developer.

In 2016, I changed up my old-school web developer ways and decided to build websites in one day for coaches and creative entrepreneurs who don’t have the time, money or stamina for long and complicated development processes!

I’ve been addicted to fast turn around sites ever since (I’ve been building websites since the 90s *omg* using notepad of all things), and quite happily churn out some banging websites and online systems that are chic and tech-savvy in the time it takes some people to respond to an email! *fail*.

My clients live the laptop life from some of the most beautiful parts of the world while I make my home and office in beautiful, sunny Kwazulu-Natal, South Africa.

I love to keep my meetings short and empower my peeps to freely maintain their websites without the fear of breaking it! Hey, someone’s got to take the tech out of technology and make the website development process super easy to understand!

When I am not chasing after my toddler, Charlie, or enjoying a glass of wine with the beard in my life, Vince, I live a simple life-fighting website shame and hot, sticky Durban nights!

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