Future Proofing for online business loss & health downtime with Trevor Current – SWC 27

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Future Proofing for online business loss & health downtime with Trevor Current - SWC 27

When business is doing well and on the rise, we hardly think of any unexpected future business loss or issue with the health. In fact, this is the best time to future proof for these things.

Trevor Current shares his rollercoaster ride with regard to business and personal health. Being a cancer survivor, he is more aware to prepare for future business stability and personal well being.

01. Business Loss & Cancer

  • I know a little bit of your backstory about your rollercoaster ride with regard to online business and being a cancer survivor which has made your preparations so very well for the future downtime and loss. Can you share your story?
  • For the start, do you work alone in your online business or have contractors, employees or partners?

02. Business in the prime state

  • Let’s talk from the point of view of a business in its prime form and making more profits quarter on quarter. Here, all is going well and there is little effort given to planning for downturn or loss? Isn’t this the best time to plan for your future eventualities?
  • What all concrete steps a profitable business can take to plan for possible downtime in the future? Does this include things like trimming costs, diversifying your income streams or something else?

03. Business in Loss-making state

  • While planning for such things in profitable times is easy, things get really difficult in the loss-making environment. How does one plan in this state when a person is mentally and financially drained?
  • Do connections made in the prime phase of the business help in this phase to get additional help in terms of acquiring new business and exploring new money making avenues?

04. Health condition & Business

  • Good health of an individual can propel the business to new heights but not so good health can fail the implementation of even a super good looking plan. Health can be an unpredictable but healthy lifestyle for sure can help reduce this unpredictability to some extent. Is that correct?
  • What materialistic steps should one take for good business and personal health? Does that include better health insurance, better business environment – what has worked for you?

05. Mind Health & Business

  • We often end up measuring health in body weight, like I am overweight or underweight or so on. But mental health is more important than body weight health, isn’t this more relevant for online workers where you often don’t get to talk to real people?
  • We geeks love to talk about geeky things. Talking geek to offline people is impossible and hence I end up talking to online people more because they understand my geek language. Personally for me having a chit-chatty online circle of friends works wonder to keep the mind fresh and working in the right direction. Does this work for you as well?

06. Crazy work routine of online people

  • Every freelancer has a different work routine, sleep time and leisure time. I also sleep at odd times but I make sure I sleep at the exact same time every day from Monday to Friday. For more than 10 years now, I sleep 5.5 hours at night and 2.5 hours during the day. A lot of people do not understand, sleeping less does not mean working more, it means destroying your health faster. How has been your struggle with sleep?
  • The other important thing that I follow is working in small blocks of hours. I do not work for more than 3 hours at a stretch. I also mix my work with healthy distractions like Facebook and Youtube. How does your work hour blocks look like?

07. Web Dev Fitness

  • You have recently started “Web Dev Fitness” facebook group and website. What is the backstory for starting this?
  • How do you plan to use this online space to help in health and mind fitness of online workers?

Trevor Current’s ToolBox

  • Love using Screenflow (Mac only) for all video editing requirements.
  • Prefer Adobe Creative suite subscription for producing design content.
  • Use Twibble.io service for all social media posts automation.
  • Stripe for payments set up for monthly hosting and care plans for clients.
  • Use calendly for scheduling meetings with clients.
  • Recommend WPEngine and Flywheel for easy to use web hosting.

About Trevor Current

trevor current online businessTrevor Current is a professional Designer/Photographer with over 28 years of experience in the field.

He works with Fortune 100 consumer product companies, high-tech B2B companies, non-profit associations, startups, and photographers worldwide. His work can be seen in national ad campaigns, consumer packaging, collateral, trade show exhibits, and websites.

Trevor is the owner of Current Media Group, LLC, a WordPress design agency that provides managed hosting and support services. He is also the founder of the photography news and resource website, CurrentPhotographer, and is the co-host of The Digital Photography Cafe Show, a podcast about “the art and business of photography”.

More: Website / Web Dev Fitness Group

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