Client communication methods for faster website building with Vito Peleg – SWC 35

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Client communication methods for faster website building with Vito Peleg - SWC 35

While building websites, client communication is very important. Quality of communication and messaging with the client can result in a lot of things. It can result in more money as a result of more follow up work from satisfied clients. On the contrary, it can be mentally draining experience for both parties.

Vito Peleg share client communication methods that are efficient and can be used at different stages of the whole process like getting website content, feedback during the website development stage and even follow up change requests from the care plan clients.

01. Client Communication pain points

  • I am going to quote you here, “As I was scaling my agency, it became harder and harder to manage multiple clients efficiently which caused client delays and really hurt the cash flow. As I was investigating the source of the leak – It all came down to client communications. Every time. The end result, either the client is happy and we’re hating our lives or the opposite”. Isn’t this “communication pain point” so common among agency folks?
  • So, let’s rewind a little. During those early agency days, what was your method of client onboarding and communication?

02. Milestones in the communication process

  • There are so many milestones in the process, like from the point a client contacts you for a possible website estimate to the website completion. For an efficient client communication process that is quicker for both parties, which milestones are more important and require more attention?
  • Which step or milestone in the whole process is the most troublesome with regard to client communication process?

03. Medium of Communication

  • Majority of agencies won’t do the on-site client visits and prefer online communication methods. Now, when your whole communication process is remote or online – what are few dos and don’t in this regard?
  • What about changing your communication tool for specific clients? For example, a lot of clients still prefer email communication as compared to logging into a project management tool.

04. Tools for the communication process

  • We love to get overwhelmed with tools, as there is a tool for every specific thing in the WordPress ecosystem. There is a content collection tool, the project management tool, then support ticket tool and this continues. Every agency setup has a unique mashup of tools that form the backbone for client communication. Isn’t this attempt of mixing and matching tools add to the already stressful client communication problem?
  • Which tools were you using in the early agency days? What is your tool stack now that has helped in better client communication that saves time and makes more money?

05. Measuring the efficiency of the process

  • How can an agency or even a freelancer measure the efficiency of its current client communication process to understand major bottlenecks?
  • In your view, which is the most common client communication bottleneck among agencies and freelancers?
  • How can WPfeedback help make client communication and messaging better?

Vito Peleg’s ToolBox

  • Funnelytics for funnel sequence for marketing purpose.
  • Use Active Campaign for all email marketing needs.
  • Use Elementor and Page Builder Framework theme for website building.
  • Prefer using Kinsta for personal web hosting requirements.
  • Looking forward to using Split Hero plugin by Adam Lacey.

About Vito Peleg

vito peleg wp feedback pluginI’ve built my first website on “Geocities” almost 20 years ago – Featuring my friends’ skateboarding crew when I was 14 yo. Since then I’ve built more than 250 websites. Some for me but most for small-medium businesses, fashion brands and startups.

As a former touring (and broke) musician, I looked for ways to allow me to work while I was touring the world playing my RNR to thousands of people and the web was, once again, there for me.
I started to build websites for clients from the back of the van (and sometimes the odd broom closet) and my passion for the field grew with each project.

When the band finally broke up I moved from the van to a tiny room at home, then to a larger room with one employee sitting right next to me all the way to having my own agency with 12 guys on my team. And I’m just getting started!

Even though I’ve had my share of experimentation between different platforms and building methods (I even gave Wix a shot for half a website), I fell in love with the WordPress ecosystem and the community around it.

These days, my team and I help businesses grow online while solving problems using the WP plugins we develop.

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  1. Ellie on June 6, 2019 at 3:37 pm

    Hah! I can relate. I started when I was 12 with AOL Homepages and Geocities, then FrontPage, then Dreamweaver, then WordPress. It’s funny how something dorky on the internet became a full career. I never thought that at the time.

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