Quick client communication while website building with WPFeedback

Getting client feedback on website design projects can be a very time-consuming process. Well not, if you use a specialized tool like WP Feedback, where a client can point, click and provide quick feedback about the specific part of the design. So, no more confusion and no more time drain.

Besides this, what all goodness does WP Feedback provides to speed up the whole website building process from development to design revisions, here is Vito Peleg, the founder of WP Feedback sharing video walkthrough for this useful product. Also, see the preview of what more amazing things are in the works.

Getting Started with WPFeedback

For start, create an account on WPFeedback website. Then in your WordPress website dashboard, install the WPFeedback plugin and follow the onboarding welcome screen sequence. Add the license key to activate the plugin and then choose types of notification that you want to get.

Using WPFeeback tool

While in the front end of the website, click + sign on the floating toolbar at the middle right part of the screen. Then click on any element on the webpage to type your feedback comment in the small popup box. Once you submit the comment, an alert is sent to the designer or admin of the website.

using wpfeedback tool

This small popup box has multiple options in the form of tabs. Like you can select which user is sent a notification, assigning priority of the task (low, medium, high, critical), task status (open, progress, pending review, complete), button to take a screenshot of that part of the webpage, general information (browser type, screen resolution).

WPFeedback Features in play

WPFeedback automatically generates daily and weekly reports with a summary of tasks. You can click on a specific task and go directly to that task details.

wpfeedback reports

It also supports complete while label of the reports and user interface. You can add your agency logo and change the primary colour matching your agency branding.

wpfeedback white label feature

Using permissions feature you can assign a specific user with specific roles other than those assigned to admin. Once tasks are submitted you can access all tasks from Feedback > Tasks Center in the WordPress dashboard.

Upcoming WPFeedback features

As of now tasks of each website can be seen and worked on from the WordPress dashboard of that website. However, with the upcoming saas online central dashboard, you can view tasks from all your client websites in a single universal online dashboard.

On a fresh website, you can build the basic website sitemap in terms of which pages, post types, categories, and so on. Then click “Generate Menu” and “Generate Pages & Posts” buttons to automatically create the menu, posts, and pages in your WordPress dashboard to quickly get started with the client website.

wpfeedback sitemap

These upcoming features would make things more easy and save even more time working on websites projects. For your imagination, besides this, another set of cool features are in works that will speed up your websites development process and client communication from every direction (watch out!).

WPFeedback makes website building and maintenance journey faster with clear communication that is intuitively easy for clients.

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