Creating Content Marketing Plan for website clients with Ben Sailer – SWC 32

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Creating Content Marketing Plan for website clients with Ben Sailer - SWC 32

Content Marketing is way more than just writing blog post content. It involves step by step approach starting from identification of business goals and creating the audience profile.

The next few steps involve getting started with content planning, publishing, social media presence with SEO in the picture along with the possibility of paid marketing. Ben Sailer from CoSchedule shares the processes and tools required to complete the content marketing circle.

01. Why Content Marketing

  • Most of the small business clients are only focussed on getting a website created and add a bunch of posts and then hit a pause. How does one explain the importance of content marketing to such clients and let them visualize the possibility of higher returns as a result of content marketing?
  • Two biggest stumbling blocks for business wanting to get into content marketing is the cost and time. What convincing is needed on this front to paint a brighter picture overall?

02. Start with Content Marketing

  • First few initial things include defining business goals and creating an audience profile for that business. How does one do that?
  • In current times the content is consumed in different formats like text, video, audio podcasts, infographics, email newsletters and more. Should the start of content marketing focus on specific 2-3 content formats or expand to all possible content formats?
  • The next step is content planning, which involves deciding how many pieces of content would be published over a period of time. Are there are any dos and don’ts in this regard?
  • For what time or date period should one plan for the content in advance, is it for a month, quarter or whole year?

03. Content Creation

  • Be it website copy or even regular blog post content writing, most small businesses are not too keen on these because of time and money. Would you suggest a business owner write his own content or hire a professional writer for the same?
  • For niche business owners what type of content produces better results among different content types like news articles, how to tutorials, long resource guides or writing on viral news topics?

04. Content Marketing Tools & Analysis

  • I generally maintain a few Google Excel sheets for all my content ideas and follow-ups. Which Content Planning tool do you recommend for someone who is just starting out and for someone who has more budget?
  • We already have a WordPress website which would be the main hub for content publishing. Now, once the content is published, which other tools are required to spread about that published content over social media channels?
  • How important is SEO analysis and SEO tools in the overall content marketing exercise?
  • Measuring content marketing performance is very critical to allow a client to invest more for even higher results. Which analysis and analytics tools do you recommend for better understanding of content marketing efforts?
  • How important is paid advertisements in the content marketing efforts?

Ben Sailer ToolBox

  • Use Coshedule for all content marketing operations, calendar and more.
  • Extensively use ahrefs for SEO analysis for the content marketing strategy.
  • Google Suite of tools for documents, collaboration, and editing.
  • OneNote for note-taking and research for side projects management.

About Ben Sailer

Ben Sailer Content Marketing coscheduleI’ve been working in marketing for a little over 7 years.

I got my start working at a mid-sized e-commerce company, then at a marketing and technology agency, and have been at CoSchedule for the past three years.

While here, I’ve moved up from Content Marketer, to Blog Manager, to my current role as our Content Marketing Lead.

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