Life struggles to online help & web agency start with Ivica Delic – SWC 57

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Life struggles to online help & web agency start with Ivica Delic - SWC 57

Struggles and challenges are part of life, be it offline or online. How can your offline life hardships prepare you better for a digital marketing career in the online world?

How can someone dive into online digital marketing with an agency set up to provide client services? What are all tools required to start this online journey quickly? Ivica Delic is here to share his journey of going from the offline world to a full-time online work profile.

01. Early life challenges

  • You mentioned about early life struggles and challenges. Can you dig deeper into this and share to an extent you feel comfortable?
  • Do you think these made you more focussed on your goals and prepare better for future challenges?

02. Starting the online journey

  • I know you from various Facebook groups where I regularly interact. I was surprised to know that you are a moderator of a lot of popular Facebook groups. How did this happen?
  • Sticking with Facebook groups, I have seen a lot of internet celebrities close their big Facebook groups because they don’t have time or don’t value interactions happening in them. What is your view on this considering you spend a lot of time supporting users in various Facebook groups?

03. Going full time with agency setup

  • You recently left your full-time banking job of 21 years to begin a full time online digital marketing career by setting up an agency with a partner friend. What prompted this significant change?
  • Are relationships established being a moderator of various Facebook groups and interacting with a lot of Facebook users helped in this transition of full-time online endeavour?
  • Any advice for a smooth transition for someone who is doing a full-time offline job and wants to build career full time online on their own terms?

04. Deciding on Tools Stack

  • Tools play an essential role in the progress of digital marketing career in the online world. Since you have recently started full time in the digital marketing world, how did you decide on tools to use to provide services to prospective clients?
  • I believe your years of experience of being into related Facebook communities was handy into this tools section decision making, was it?

05. The online journey

  • Online life has its perks for sure. On the flip side, any hard learnings and failures in this recent journey of your digital marketing career?
  • Just like the offline world, you cannot like everyone in the online world. There is a lot of negative energy that emerge from specific individuals and certain Facebook groups. How do you handle that in order to keep your online life less stressful and more focussed on your goals?
  • Have you made any future checklist like milestones and goals that you want to achieve in the next 1-2 years of your online digital marketing journey?

Ivica Delic’s ToolBox

  • Astra and Elementor are two essential tools to build all websites.
  • Use MainWP for manage all website updates from the single dashboard.
  • For security use MalCare service to keep WordPress websites secure.
  • Use BlogVault service for backups along with All in On Migration plugin.
  • For web hosting needs use Siteground hosting for all websites.

About Ivica Delic

ivica delic facebook groupsI have a Master’s Degree in Economics and have been working in the Banking industry for 20+ years where I have been Project Manager for three years and Card Centre Director with 60+ people for 13 years.

During the years, I gained advanced business knowledge of English and a good knowledge of Italian and French languages. As I was always interested in IT, I became highly skilled in IT, experienced in Project and Quality (SixSigma) Management.

My high interests are planning and organization of all business activities in order to have more productivity. I am especially interested in new technologies, so I started to build websites and online businesses from 1995. I have been working with WordPress since 2011. And have attended WP Meetups in my hometown while giving lectures on speeding up WP sites. I have also been interviewed for WordPressTV, WP Elevation and many others.

Also, I created a very popular Facebook groups on various topics where I am an admin – in total more than 25 WordPress and other Facebook groups with over 150.000 members, along with my dear friends – co-admins and moderators. Volunteering and helping WordPress Community is one of my favourite activities.

Recently, I left my 21 years banking career to replace it with the Digital Marketing career and to further develop my WordPress knowledge and business. I am also a Co-founder of, Co-owner of Confida company, husband and father.

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