Never run out of Blog Post Ideas with Todd E Jones – SWC 03

Todd E Jones Copywriter at CopyFlight
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Never run out of Blog Post Ideas with Todd E Jones - SWC 03

In today’s episode of Smart Web Creators, Davinder talks to Todd E. Jones about Copywriting and how to never run out of blog post ideas.

Todd is a WordPress freelancer who really likes storytelling and found that writing copy was something that he really enjoyed. Todd started his journey with a WordPress Agency and recognized his strengths were in writing. He recently rebranded his agency business from Grafixcat Media to Copyfight which targets WordPress agencies that need to launch on time with a completed copy for clients.

01. Writing Quality Content

  • “Newbies” have problems with what to write for blog posts.
  • Writers run through periods of dry spells. You cannot sit around waiting for inspiration.
  • Build and work on topic ideas that are happening in your space and focus on the questions that your customers are asking.
  • When researching for writing you can send a survey to your customer list to see where their pain points are.
  • Research popular keywords for topic ideas. You want to be one of the best writers for the content of that topic.
  • You want the pillar blog post to be the best on the web and it often can take 2 to 3 hours to write.
  • Social media can engage the audience but needs to bring them back to a place to purchase.

02. Writing Techniques

  • Make a content list or idea bank.
  • Write the first draft, do not filter it and give yourself a break before coming back to it.
  • Come back to the first draft and edit it.
  • You should be cognizant of rich keywords in your writing.
  • Outlines can work for topic research as well.

03. Content Strategy for business owners

  • Search engines rank on the words of your website, not the design.
  • Business owners need to understand good content and budget for that.
  • Business owners that cannot invest in good content may actually need marketing consulting to understand the importance of content.
  • When building content, optimize the article for your audience.
  • You can take a slower approach to your writing and posting. Just be consistent and concentrate on quality.

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