Focus on right tools & options for solid business strategy with Jim Galiano – SWC 15

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Focus on right tools & options for solid business strategy with Jim Galiano - SWC 15

Selecting the right tools and options for an online business is very critical for business success and money making. How to focus on the right tools and options to build a solid business strategy? Jim Galiano shares focused information from his 20 years of running various online businesses.

01. Distractions in the online world

  • Before we talk about focus, let’s talk about distraction in the online world. If I compare online world 10yrs back to now, distractions have multiple by 1000 times. There is so much thrown at you, how does a person in the online world remain less distracted?
  • I have a weird way of keeping my sanity from online alerts bombarding me. So, when I am having my meal, afternoon nap or night sleep – there is no internet on my phone or any other device. It is complete shutdown for me. How’s your way to handle digital alerts intruding the offline life?

02. Business paths or options

  • There are so so many ways to make money on the internet and build your business empire on it. How should a new person wanting to make a career in the online world decide on paths and options on the offer?
  • Experience commands a big premium in the online world. How much effort and time should one invest in learning new things and enhancing the experience bucket?
  • Your online friends and community can have a big impact on the possible decision of paths and options you settle for. Where should one find his or her tribe or is formal mentor-ship more ideal in this case?

03. Places for discovering options

  • On a micro level, there are so many diverse community platform like Facebook, Slack etc. Which is more suited places to discover new options for your business?
  • What about offline networking and events that can help you decide or enhance your online business options?

04. Focus on only tools you need

  • Tools ecosystem to do things on the internet is mammoth. For example, just for building a brochure website we have so many tools and routines. How to make this mind sapping decision of selecting the right tools?
  • Next step after making a decision is sticking to that decision. I see so many people jumping tools platform quickly aka shiny object syndrome – how should one control this urge?
  • Every tool will have something missing but as long as a tool is working for me on the foundation level, there is no reason for switching. So, how to decide the time to switch to new tools ecosystem?

05. Building a solid strategy

  • Selecting the right business option and tools is a critical path of building a solid strategy for business success in the online world. What is your methodology in piecing these things together as a solid strategy?
  • Emulating and getting inspired by the toolset of competitors, is it a good idea?
  • Mental awareness and well being is very critical in building and executing business strategy. How does Jim stay sound mind wise?

06. Failure and disappointment

  • Failure goes hand in hand with success. Instead of feeling down and low on a failure, where and how does one start the failure analysis process – if one exists?
  • If a person fails in building own thing in the online world, is working for other successful person or company a better path in the interim?

07. For online success

  • Where do most people fail while trying to build a career in the online world?
  • Lastly, what would be your golden, silver, platinum advice for people wanting to build a successful business in the online world?

Jim Galiano Toolbox

  • Roboform for password management.
  • Google Analytics to track website statistics.
  • Serpstat SEO tool for checking what is linking or not.
  • Use vooplayer for displaying in videos in courses.
  • Shortpixel for automatic image optimization on websites.
  • Deal on Depositphotos for lifetime image packs.
  • Use Cloudways and a local company for web hosting services.
  • Enjoy using Beaver Builder for building website layouts.

About Jim Galiano

Jim Galiano About ProfileI’ve been focusing on providing offline clients with web development and digital marketing services for the past ten years. Before that, I did a lot of product creation and online publishing.

I’m getting back to that again because it provides a nice balance between using your creativity for others and using it for your own, personal projects.

My business is now 20-years old, so we provide everything from digital marketing consulting (with an emphasis on email marketing) to web hosting, to monthly website maintenance plans.

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