Setup split testing on WordPress website for more conversions with SplitHero

Now every WordPress website has a purpose. Be it capturing leads via a contact form, building an email list, selling a digital product like a plugin, selling a course or consultation services. Split testing can help in every such case by allowing you to test different formats of pages for best possible conversions.

Split testing may look difficult in terms of implementation but not if you use SplitHero service, which is an online saas tool that connects with your WordPress website for quick and easy split testing. Let’s see the walk-through on how you can use Split Hero on your WordPress websites. Here is the founder of Split Hero, Adam Lacey.

Understanding Split Testing

Usually, we would have one single page for sign up, say for a newsletter or paid course. In split testing, we create two versions of the same page. These pages can be different in a lot of ways, be it design, colours, text, images (this is all subjective).

With split testing up to and running, we shall get statistic which page got how much traffic and resulted in how many conversions. These results can help you refine the landing pages further.

Setting up SplitHero

To get started, create an account on SplitHero website and then install the splithero plugin in your WordPress dashboard. Go to Settings > SplitHero to add the API key to activate the connection (get API key from the SplitHero account).

Setup SplitHero WordPress Plugin

Then click the sync button to allow splithero to identify all posts and pages in your WordPress dashboard that can be used in the split testing settings. Then you are all set to create a campaign for split testing.

Creating Campaign for Split Testing

In the SplitHero dashboard, go to campaigns and click “Create new campaign” button to get started. Then select the website domain for which you want to set up split testing.

SplitHero Campaigns

You can add multiple websites by going to domains tab in the sidebar. Then give a unique title to the campaign for your identification. Next step is the most important, select multiple page URLs for which you want to set up split testing.

URLS for split testing

Even though split testing is usually run for 2-page variants, but you do get the option for up to 4-page variations. Then select the conversion page like thank you page, a page that appears once action button is clicked in the landing pages being selected for the split testing routine.

split hero campaign dates

Then you would select the start and end date for which split testing of the specific campaign would run. After this, you can either save this new campaign as a draft or confirm it to run immediately.

Split Testing Results

You will start seeing results within a few minutes provided pages selected in the campaign have a good amount of traffic. Reports show traffic, conversions, conversion rate, and bounce rate.

SplitHero conversion reports

More conversion rate means the best page variant out of selected page variants for split testing. The report shows the best performing page under “Winning Formula” section at the bottom right.

If you want to learn more about split testing, check the podcast episode where Adam Lacey talked about split testing as upsell service for freelancers and agency owners.

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