Ready your Twitter for more business growth with Bridget Willard – SWC 37

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Ready your Twitter for more business growth with Bridget Willard - SWC 37

So, you have a Twitter account, and you do nothing with it except for posting a few random updates. Well, its time to ready your Twitter account to help grow your online business.

Bridget Willard focuses on providing social media services to online businesses. She shares how consistent, and relevant Twitter profile activity can result in much-needed leads to small businesses.

01. Polishing Twitter for Business

  • Let’s take an example of an agency owner. How important is Twitter among all social mediums for reaching potential clients for an agency’s web design and development services?
  • I don’t even give a second look to twitter profiles with default image aka no real person image. Besides having an actual image on the Twitter profile, what are other essential components for a polished looking Twitter profile?
  • What about the use of hashtags within the profile description, does that help?

02. Growing your Twitter presence

  • Just like any other platform, the numbers game is important on Twitter as well. So, the classic question, how do I get more followers?
  • What are a few dos and don’ts in deciding who to follow on Twitter? Also, should one follow back every follower on Twitter?
  • Does creating lists on Twitter help enhance presence or it is a mere personal organization feature?
  • Are there any dos and don’t for a business Twitter profile to reply and engage in discussion on Twitter? Considering a lot of controversial stuff gets more attention on Twitter?

03. Twitter Content that works

  • Let’s go back to the same example: the Twitter profile of an agency doing website design and development. How can one decide on the content of tweets to be posted on such type of a Twitter account?
  • Where does hiring a copywriter for such micro-content creation fit in this process? Should businesses actively consider this?
  • What about sharing content from other websites in the form of their articles links, inspirational quotes, etc.?
  • Regarding tweeting own content, how many times is too many for sharing the same piece of the content?

04. Tool & analysis of Twitter performance

  • I love using Tweetdeck for managing multiple twitter profiles. Which are your preferred tools for Twitter management?
  • Which is your recommended tool for scheduling tweets?
  • Which tool do you use to analyze Twitter profile performance month on month? Also, what are a few metrics to look for in this regard?

Bridget Willard’s ToolBox

  • Use pressable for web hosting of own website.
  • Hootsuite and Twitter for tweets management.
  • Prefer using Canva for digital image editing and creations.
  • Use Freshbooks for account requirements.
  • Love using Beaver Builder for all landing pages, and websites.
  • Otter ( program for automatic audio to text conversion.

About Bridget Willard

Bridget Willard Social Media MarketingI started my career as a secretary, but, while I was in construction, I started doing social media marketing for b2b companies (2009).

In 2015 I moved to the WordPress space when I was the Marketing Manager for GiveWP.

In October of 2017, I started freelancing and still focus on b2b marketing for WordPress products and services.

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