Security setup on WordPress websites from one dashboard with WebARX

Security of WordPress websites is an important task for freelancers and agency owners. If you manage multiple websites, this can be a time-consuming process. However, this is made easy with WebARX security service which allows you to set up and manage the security of multiple websites from one single dashboard.

It provides a lot of basic to advanced features and hence is ideal for both casual and serious agency-level users. It can be a comprehensive solution for WordPress website(s) security needs.

Setting up on Website

Just create an account on WebARX security website (for free 14 days trial). Click “Add new websites” link on the Dashboard screen. Then type URL of one or more websites that you want to add to the WebARX security system. Then you would need to connect your WordPress website to WebARX service. You can do the by installing a plugin from the WebARX dashboard directly or the usual way of install plugin from the WordPress dashboard.

Understanding Security Information

It will start showing important security information on the dashboard screen like Header Referrer-Policy, Header X-Content-Type-Options, Header X-Frame-Options, Header X-XSS-Protection, current PHP Version, any PHP Errors, and HTTP To HTTPS Redirection.

webarx security information

It also displays more technical information by continuously checking your website against internet activity at various places. Like “mentions” refer if your website was mentioned in popular hacking communities. “Blacklists” imply if your website was added to some blacklist listing.

One cool feature is, it also tells if the website’s domain name registration and SSL certificate is going to expire soon. A very handy feature for agency folks managing a lot of client websites.

Custom Firewall settings

By default, it protects your websites against OWASP (Open Web Application Security Project) top 10 attacks. Also, it protects from attacks on vulnerable WordPress core and plugins. WebARX team continuously check various plugins in use and report vulnerabilities quickly.

webarx firewall rules settings

Advanced users can add more custom firewall rules for a specific use case. Like you can block access to login page from specific browsers, IP address and on on. On the reverse, you can only allow access for specific IP addresses for maximum security. You can set up rules to allow login during specific times in a day for an additional layer of login protection.

Website Activity Information

Uptime monitoring is one of the important features of this service. Uptime logs show when did your website go down including technical details like what status code the service gave, the response time, and so on.

webarx uptime logs

It also displays detailed activity logs like what exactly has been going on the website like which user logged in, who activated the plugin(s), who posted something. These logs are kept indefinitely on WebARX servers as long as you are an active member. So, no more issue of 30 days log limit (and associated upselling that comes with this period extension). Also, since logs are not kept on your WordPress hosting – no performance or resource issues.

More features for WordPress users

After installing the WebARX plugin, you can view WebARX security information in the WordPress dashboard by going to Settings > Security. Here you can access a lot of more features from the security point of view. Note: you can also access and change these features from WebARX portal (making changes from WordPress Dashboard is optional).

webarx security reports agency

Security report is a vital feature for agency owners managing clients on a care plan. They can generate security reports in a single click. Also, it provides white label functionality to add your agency logo to the report for the full custom experience.

It also includes a lot of small yet useful features like you can add Recaptcha to post comment form, login form, registration form, password reset form and more. Disable theme and plugin editing (under “Hardening” tab). Automatically add security headers to the website, disable htaccess features, prevent image hotlinking, prevent WordPress file-level access, and more (under “Firewall” tab)

WordPress Plugins you won’t need any more

Once you start using WebARX security service, you would not need to install plugins for the following functionality.

  • Plugin to change login URL won’t be needed anymore.
  • For EU users, you won’t need cookie notification plugin as this feature is in-built.
  • To add Recaptcha to comment or login form, you won’t need an additional plugin.
  • No plugin or additional service needed for uptime monitoring.
  • Image hotlinking protection is included, so no additional code or plugin required.

WebARX Security founder Oliver Sild and the team are dedicated for website security. Oliver also appeared on the podcast sharing about website security for client websites and more.

Besides of course the much-needed core website security features, the one dashboard access saves so much time managing multiple WordPress websites. You can check WebARX Security for free to discover the goodness it offers for website security functionality.

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