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Where one-time payment allow lifetime access to product use and support.

In the world of geeks, LTD stands for Lifetime Deal. Technically, in general English: LTD means limited. However, in the ecosystem of designers, developers, website creators, agency owners – LTD is often used for “Lifetime Deal” reference.

What is LTD used for

LTD (Lifetime Deal) is often used online tools and services. If a product is being offered on an LTD basis, it implies – you pay once for lifetime access to (promised) updates and support of that product. Here lifetime does not mean eternity but till the lifetime of the specific product.

Reasons behind LTD offers

New product makers need extra cash flow to fund initial product development. So, offering lifetime deal on new products bring in the much-needed money. Also, it brings in a lot of users who immediately start using a tool and provide feedback for quicker bug/error identification (and fixes). It also helps in quickly building a community of users around a product that offer constructive suggestions for future features of the product.

Where to find LTD offers

Appsumo is the most popular place to find LTD (lifetime Deal) offers a lot of new products and services. There, an LTD offer generally starts from $49+ one time payment for lifetime product access.

Stacking is a common word used in the LTD ecosystem. A lot of deals come with stacking options, in simple terms different purchase options with different features. For example, the default offer may come with a limit of say 10 users, you can add another stack to add 10 more users for the product on LTD offer.

A lot of individual product makers also offer their products with LTD option on their own websites like Astra Theme, ConvertBox, Project Huddle, and so on. Besides Appsumo, there are a lot of other websites that only focus on selling products with LTD offers like SaaS Mantra, Rebeliance, Social Stack, and more.

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