website revisions

Website Revisions

List of changes from client as you move forward to complete a website project.

It is a process during website design and development where the client provides you feedback on the work done so far. The client provides you with a list of changes (also called revisions) as you move forward to finish the website project in tune with client satisfaction.

What is included in Revisions

Revisions can be few or a lot, depending on project and client in question. It could be as little as changing one colour on the specific section of a webpage. Or it can be as large as changing layout of a lot of webpages in a website project.

During a graphic design process like logo design, revision can be for changing colours used in the logo draft, font style, or the artwork. While during the website development project, it could be changing the webpage layout, font styles, and more.

Communication for Revisions

Communication for revisions can be a time-consuming process. A lot of new creative people use good old email for revisions communication. This can be a big-time drain and using a project management service like Asana, Trello, Basecamp is recommended.

WordPress users can now leverage point and click routine for visual communication. Your client can click on a specific part of the webpage and add a comment as what has to be changed (or revised). Tools like Project Huddle and WP Feedback help greatly in saving time and allow better user experience for handling website revisions.

Number of Revisions

If you are building a lot of websites, it is better to define the number of revisions in the website contract before you even begin the project. Generally, most creatives offer 2-3 revisions for website design and development projects.

A few creatives also use “unlimited revisions” as a selling point. Eventually, there will be a bunch of clients in your web creative career, that will use a lot of revisions and cause frustration. As you gain more experience, handling website revisions aspect is bound to get easier.

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