Understanding Digital Marketing Tactics for Small to Fortune 500 clients with Robert Cairns – SWC 20

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Understanding Digital Marketing Tactics for Small to Fortune 500 clients with Robert Cairns - SWC 20

Digital Marketing Services is very important for businesses and for agencies offering them. With the expansion of the audience to different platforms, digital marketing has become more complex.

From simple content writing to running paid campaigns, there is so much to cover. This becomes more complex as business size change from small business to a Fortune 500 company. Robert Cairns shares digital marketing tactics that work in the current times for businesses of different sizes.

01. Small or Fortune 500 clients

  • Majority of us are used to dealing with small businesses and are familiar with their setup. Let’s first focus on the big brother “Fortune 500” company. For starters, how would you define a Fortune 500 company?
  • You started as one man agency targeting small businesses. When did you decide to start reaching out to fortune 500 companies?
  • Should every agency with small business clients try the fortune 500 client route just to test the water and hoping to strike gold?
  • Clients leads is very important for any agency. How do you make your first contact with a few of your Fortune 500 company clients?

02. Digital Marketing Basics

  • How would you define “Digital Marketing” from two perspectives, one as an agency owner wanting to offer digital marketing services to clients? The other a business owner listening to this and trying to figure out, does my business need digital marketing services?
  • Do you only provide consultation like advising business to do a podcast, videos, Facebook ads and then let them off to hire someone else for implementation or do you provide all in one solution?

03. Digital Marketing Tactics

  • Let’s first talk from the ground level. What are common verticals like paid ads, videos, podcasts, blogging etc that form the part of digital marketing strategy?
  • How does digital marketing choices differ between a small business to a Fortune 500 company?
  • Let’s take the example of a shoe brand, on one side we have a local boutique shoe brand and on the other side is a shoe brand from a Fortune 500 company. Just looking from outside, the scale of the audience or prospective buyers of shoes from different companies is hugely different. How does you or any other agency owner factor in differences in the scale of operation, products variety, level of pricing etc to figure out the base of the digital marketing process?

04. Budgeting and Communication

  • It’s a given that Fortune 500 companies have deeper pockets and they are ready to spend. How do you convince small businesses to budget something substantial for digital marketing that will get them clients and eventual make money for their business?
  • Fortune 500 companies would be more willing for initial “paid” consultations as compared to small businesses. How has been your experience in this regard?
  • What is the difference in the communication process? Are there more in-person meetings when dealing with Fortune 500 businesses?

05. Digital Marketing Mistakes

  • What are the most common mistakes of small and big companies make trying to figure out and implement their digital marketing strategy?
  • When do you as an agency or an expert decide, the current digital marketing strategy isn’t working and it is time to scrap it and start all over again?

06. Digital Marketing Trends

  • In the current times of more audio and video content, which new digital marketing methods are getting more common and delivering results?
  • Which digital marketing methods have gone stale and no longer works in your opinion?
  • From the perspective of an agency owner like you, what changes are you making in your setup, messaging, activities to get better clients for your digital marketing services?

Robert’s ToolBox

  • Google Suite for email and calendar.
  • Use Trello for agency project management needs.
  • For editing videos use Corel Visual Studio program.
  • Hubspot CRM for client management and appointment scheduling.
  • Love WordPress for being base of website business.
  • Use Siteground hosting for all client websites.
  • Build websites using in-built page builder in Avada theme.
  • Use Groundhogg.io for email marketing automation within WordPress.
  • Love using Loom (useloom.com) for recording videos meant for clients.

About Robert Cairns

I went full time into the online world about 8 years ago. I started off building basic websites for clients.

Further down the line, I realized websites are only part of marketing strategy. Then branched out into a full-service Digital Marketing Agency.

Now offering services like Web Design, WordPress Press Security, PPC ads, Inside Advantage Consulting, Social Media Support, Consulting, DIY Website help, and a small business marketing membership.

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