Goals Setting & Clarity for online Creators is just a New Year away – SWC 19

Goals Clarity for Creators by Davinder Singh Kainth
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Goals Setting & Clarity for online Creators is just a New Year away - SWC 19

So, another year has gone by and we have entered into a “new” year. Its that time of the year when everyone is busy making big-ticket plans to conquer the internet. Let’s begin with a few real questions:

  • What work should I do as a web creator?
  • What should be my goals?
  • How do I get clarity about these goals?

These are common questions yet difficult to answer. So, Let’s explore them together as we jump into the new year. Before we begin, wishing you a Happy New Year and hope your holidays were great.

01. New Year is your Reset / Refresh button

Time fly for sure and another new year is here, right? Important days like birthday, anniversary provide much-needed milestone to make some big change. Like on birthday, I will a better boy the next year. Similarly, on the anniversary day, we will fight less the next year.

The new year has a little bigger significance as I always considered it as a big reset or refresh button for things you do in the online (and offline life).

Whether you are struggling or in the prime form, there is always something better or tweaks you can do to become better. And the new year gives that much-needed reason for the same.

02. No Lego inspired Goals, being real and practical

“I will become billionaire this year”, who would not want that goal? But not for me as I always set goals that are practical in every sense be it: milestones, work hours needed and of course outcome in terms of revenue.

You can build perfectly with bright colored Lego blocks but in the real world, bright colors are replaced by a lot of grays in every aspect of online and offline life.

The process of making goals is about walking that gray path by factoring in your limitations and qualities. Once you do that, you have goals on the table that are practical, do-able and will bring joy when you achieve them.

I do keep broad whole year long goals in my head but when it comes to writing down my goals, I restrict them to next few months. Ideally, milestone goals per quarter, which is followed by review cycle works best for me.

03. Super Planning Syndrome, I am done with it

Practical Goals by DavinderI will plan for this, that and more this and that. Guess what, I will keep planning and live in that planning bubble. To be honest, I had this planning syndrome where I just planned and did not do enough to move to the next step of taking action.

But not anymore, I plan and get on with executing those plans and see if it works or not. How did I cure my super planning qualities? Simple, surround yourself with people who take actions – which means, they plan and take action.

One big name that comes to mind is Kim Doyal in the regard. See, how quickly she launched her first physical product “Content Creators Planner”. In less than a year ( most likely 6 months) it is there for people to buy and use.

Sadly, I still see a lot of people with that always planning syndrome, announcing things in bulk and never following up.

04. Talking & messaging about relevant things

If I talk about wrestling majority of the time, then you people can definitely beat me up. Because this is no way related to the content I create, the services I provide and the products I sell. Yes, I do talk about WWE with my friend Todd E Jones but that’s about it.

Our conversations and content we create in the end should funnel down people to our products and services. That is the real way of selling and acquiring new customers.

05. Clarity comes from Observing and Doing

You should profoundly observe successful people in your niche. See what they are doing and what seem to be working for them. Then use that information to get inspired and create a unique subset with your unique touch. There is a thin line between inspiration and copying someone. Make sure you do not cross that line.

The other important piece of clarity puzzle is doing the thing. For example, I did not know how to set up a podcast, what I will talk on the podcast and my podcasting “ifs” “buts” continued. Guess what, I just went on with “Let’s do it attitude” and see how it goes.

I was blown away with the response to the podcast. All this happened in the span of the last 6 months and I am loving this podcasting journey. Now having done it, things are absolutely clear – right?

06. Let’s get Clear and set some Goals

I usually do not set money figure goals in absolute terms. Instead, I plan like, I want to 2X this part of a revenue stream and 3X other part of a revenue stream.

Just factor in a few things that you would love to do and then set goals around it. Then do the finer level planning for executing tasks to achieve set goals.

Sound easy, right? I know, in the real world this is not easy. But then, easy is a highly subjective word. If you know something, then that’s easy. If you know more things, then more things are easy for you.

Over to you…

Did you set new goals this year? If yes, more importantly, did you map out a “clear” way to achieve those goals? I am all ears in the comments section below.

Davinder Singh Kainth

Davinder loves creating and implementing online spaces. He has over a decade of experience reaching corners of: design, development, blogging and SEO. Learn more at idavinder.com


  1. Kim Doyal on January 7, 2019 at 6:40 pm

    Thanks so much for the kind words Davinder 🙂
    And of course, you know how I feel about more doing and less planning… haha.

    Thanks for always helping me stay on track!
    Happy New Year!

  2. Jim Galiano on January 7, 2019 at 8:14 pm

    Enjoyed the New Year episode! Look forward to your next one!

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