Explainer Videos for more business visibility & conversions with Vikas Tiwari – SWC 49

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Smart Web Creators - Podcast for WordPress Agency Entrepreneurs
Smart Web Creators - Podcast for WordPress Agency Entrepreneurs
Explainer Videos for more business visibility & conversions with Vikas Tiwari - SWC 49

Video content is growing at a rapid pace and businesses are leveraging that to reach to their prospective customers. Among tech SaaS companies, explainer videos are getting popular as they provide a quick product introduction.

Does your business need an explainer video or should you offer explainer video service as an agency owner? Well, covering both ends of the spectrum, here is Vikas Tiwari.

01. Explainer Videos concept

  • Now web is bursting with video content of all types like we are recording a video currently and sharing information. How would define the idea of an explainer video within the context of the video ecosystem?
  • Do explainer videos mostly include vector animated illustrations explaining a specific product feature or there is more to it?

02. Finding a market for Explainer Videos

  • Now I saw this on your website, which is “88% more time is spent by users on a page that has a video”. Besides such stats, how do you convince new businesses to include explainer video in their launch kit for better reach of their product to prospective customers?
  • What is the mix of clients for explainer videos? Does this include only the new tech SaaS companies or even the existing traditional businesses?
  • How to do market your explainer videos service to get new client leads regularly?

03. High price perception for Explainer Videos

  • I am sure this is a common perception or maybe even true, that a custom build explainer videos come at a very high price point. Have you encountered clients with this perception when making the first contact with you?
  • I am sure a business owner listening to this and wanting an explainer video would want to know at least the basic price range for getting a custom explainer video. Can you share your price points or industry standard?

04. Deciding on the content of Explainer Videos

  • Since explainer videos are custom for every client, what is the workflow to determine video content from the first contact by the client to getting the final explainer video?
  • Visual assets included in the video like audio, graphics or even person talking, are they created in-house or sourced from somewhere or some parts provided by the client?
  • How do businesses track the return on investment from explainer videos into the mix of their marketing efforts?

05. Tool stack to build Explainer Videos

  • Of course, there are a lot of online tools to help develop videos in a templated format. However, to create fully custom explainer videos – what tools do you use in-house to get the work done?
  • Besides tools, one would also need experienced people to use those tools. What is the mix of your team building custom explainer videos?

Vikas Tiwari’s ToolBox

  • Google Docs, Adobe Suite, Loom (useloom) are few essential tools.
  • Use Notion for preparing creative briefs and project management.
  • For payments use a mix of Razorpay, Payoneer, and Paypal services.
  • Use QuickBooks for bookkeeping and accounting needs of the business.
  • Prefer to use Cloudways for web hosting of client websites.
  • Using Elementor page builder on a few website projects.

About Vikas Tiwari

vikas tiwari whatastoryThis all started when I was 16, it was the time when we were having fewer shops in my area, so I started one. And then I start enjoying the business.

My love toward the Ads was from the initial days, but I was lucky enough to pursue my career toward that industry. After joining the institute, I realized the difference between Ads and Graphics Design. I know it sounds crazy, but I joined a multimedia institute.

After studying animation and design software, I realized that making a design is easy but making an impact from the design is hard. So I shift my focus to designing pretty things to solve communication problems with design and video or anything which can convey the message.

After investing my 4 years in institutes and 3 years in studio jobs, I started “What a Story” and this company has its own interesting story. I made my first video for a startup and soon they got funding, they thanks me a lot and I realized how important is an Explainer Video for business. Now, we have created more than 50 successful videos. (we have created more, but not all get success)

I believe in a business which can help others, and today I can say that I’m doing the same. In each project, I involve myself to make sure that everything goes well. Apart from daily work, I love to write stories, poetries, photography, and some blogging.

More: WhataStory Studio / LinkedIn / Facebook

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