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Created 02 – Organizing Helps

Organize Design Files properly, Slow down to get faster, Still using Modal windows, Practice Logo Designing, Browse Websites in Dark mode, Preview Favicons in browser before upload, Official 2019 WordPress Theme, Gutenberg Integrations.

More organized, the better it is. With a good organizing routine in place: you can design more, build more and write more. From organizing your design files properly to slowing down to do more, this ‘Created’ issue touches a lot of endpoints. Including few handy webtools get better and quicker at usual things.

Creators Buzz

1. Organizing files while… designing is like final-1, new-final-1, new final-2 (sounds familiar, right?). Here is a real-life example of how to effectively organize your project files for different clients neatly in a properly named folder on your computer.

2. Creators should slow down… to get there faster, sounds contradicting? Kim Doyal shares insightful thoughts why slowing down, right mindset of creation and surrounding yourself with people who take action works like charm to achieve goals faster.

3. Is Modal window… your way of adding fanciness and capture user attention? Well, think again and there are better ways to catch user attention while browsing a webpage. Modalz Modalz Modalz explains it all (too many modalz to drill the message?).

4. Want to practice… and refine your logo designing skills? Fake clients provide randomly regenerated client briefs for which you can make the logo and get better. Also, you can flaunt and share your awesome logo creations on Instagram by using #fakeclients tag.

Creators Toolbox

1. Full dark mode… browsing in a web browser? Dark Reader extension for Chrome, Firefox, and Safari allows you to browse any website in the dark mode. You can also refine this dark mode by adjusting the brightness and contrast.

2. Best free font of 2018… such lists can be overwhelming. How about just 20 best free fonts of 2018 to keep things focused? Check here to see selected fonts of sans, serifs, scripts, and other combinations.

3. Play with fonts… in the web browser and discover your next favorite font. Font Playground allows you to actually play with fonts in a neat user interface – so that font play does not stop!

4. Oh, this Favicon… looks so small and hardly visible. How many times have you felt that once you add a favicon image and refresh the webpage to see it in action? Well, Favicon checker lets you preview favicon beforehand and saves some time for sure!

WordPress Buzz

1. Official 2019 theme… for WordPress will be launched along with Gutenberg in WordPress 5.0 version. 2019 theme does look bold and modern taking advantage of flexible layout made possible with Gutenberg. What say, WordPress folks – like it?

2. Gutenberg integration… with popular products is catching on. ACF 5.8 has introduced ACF Blocks for Gutenberg to allows easier creation of Guten blocks. Here is a video by Didou Scol making sense of things. Also, Elementor page builder creator Ben Pines has released Elementor Blocks for Gutenberg plugin (expect this functionality to be in Elementor core, down the line).

3. SeedProd plugin… popular for coming soon and maintenance page functionality has a new owner. Syed Balki from WP Beginner has acquired this plugin and now offering a discount for a short duration with the future roadmap of this plugin.

4. Green dots in… Yoast SEO can be a big headache with clients constantly asking, the dot is not green and hence SEO not done. John Locke clears the mystery behind green dots in Yoast SEO plugin and orange, green dots.

Social Media Buzz

1. Facebook and Instragram marketing… on fingertips? Check out amazing Facebook Blueprint featuring lessons on learning every aspect of Facebook and Instagram for use as better marketing tools.

2. Youtube went down… for 90 minutes sending everyone in a tizzy. So, is it time to look for alternatives? Well, there is no matching Youtube alternative as of now. Though I must add, I have started uploading smaller videos on Linkedin and engagement is really good!

Until the next time… how you do stay organized in the online world? Spill your secrets in the comments below!

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  1. Jan on October 18, 2018 at 2:53 pm

    Great compilation, Davinder.
    I’m off to watching the Gutenberg video now, trying to familiarize myself with it and Ahmad Awais’ create-guten-block framework more 🙂

    Keep up the great work!

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