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Created is a newsletter round-up of best things created for creatives. If you are into website design, development, SEO, blogging, social media... created is for you!

Discover amazing new tools, resources, how-tos being created by your favorite online entrepreneurs in the world of website building, content creation, marketing, podcasting and much more.

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Created Issue 12

Created #12 – Big Scope

April 8, 2019

Big Budget Website Design Process, Faster Google Fonts, Find Remote Clients, Time for Words, CSS Effects, Ambient music, Web Design Checklist, Popular WP Plugins.

Created 11 - Geek Mind

Created #11 – Geek Mind

March 18, 2019

Healthy Geek Mind, Things to overcome Depression, Concept of Caching, Kids Safe Searching, Cools Email Signatures, Fun with Text, AMP in Astra.

Created Issue 10

Created #10 – Know & Control

February 27, 2019

Items as Business Expense, Control Digital Distractions, Ideas for Writing Better Proposals, Mosaic Image Version, Mobile Website Speed, Fun Blob Shapes in Design, Custom Mailto Link, Guten Blocks made Genesis Theme.

Created Issue 09

Created #09 – Flourish With

February 19, 2019

Fully custom Video Live Streaming setup, How not to Contribute to Facebook Community, Write better Newsletters, Gmail Right Click Bliss, Testing your Design Eye, Fancy Duotone Images, Why No Jetpack Plugin, WordPress in 2019.

Created Issue 8 - Easy Writing

Created #08 – Easy Writing

February 5, 2019

Writing Drip Email Sequence, Learn Writing Website Proposals, Handpicked TED talks for agency owners, 3D Mockup Generator, Create Social Profile Images, Make Fancy SVG Blob Images, Gutenberg CoBlocks, Enhance Online Productivity.

Created Issue #07

Created #07 – 2019 Edits

January 8, 2019

Edit out website footer of 2018, Spend on Podcast Advertisements, Small Business Websites in 2019, Remove Image Background Tool, SiteKit from Google for WordPress, Create Gutenberg Blocks.

Created Issue #06 Guten Pressed

Created #06 – Guten Pressed

December 4, 2018

Spending on Podcast Advertisements, Content Calendar Planners, Email Marketing Mistakes, Squoosh Image Optimizer, Measure Website Performance, Gutenberg release on Dec 06, 2018, SEOPress or Yoast.

Created Issue #05

Created #05 – Small Things

November 15, 2018

Make 404 error Page better, Most clear Concept of Accessibility, Register WP admin account via FTP, Photoshop in Web Browser, View Meta Information.

Created #04 Issue

Created #04 – Smart Surprise

November 1, 2018

Open new Google Docs with shortcut URL, Stress Emphasis using em, Chrome Extensions for Growth, Free Landing Page Templates, Check URL Social Shares, Stylish Login Box, 3D Facebook Photos.

Created Issue #03 Special Content

Created #03 – Special Content

October 24, 2018

Find Special Days for Special Content Creation, Text readability Rhythm, Common Icon Design Mistakes, Which Services are Selling, Mega Menu in Astra Theme, Social Media Image Sizes Cheatsheet, Learn to Design Websites.