Which new web services agency owners are providing with Oliver Martin – SWC 54

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Which new web services agency owners are providing with Oliver Martin - SWC 54

Website ecosystem is continuously changing as per changing client requirements. Now, a website is not just your online identity but a machine that result in conversions.

As a result, new web services are showing up in the web agency ecosystem. Oliver Martin, an agency owner, is here to share about new services he is providing that bring more business for his website clients.

01. It’s about conversions now

  • Traditionally websites were built for having that essential online presence in Google so that prospective customers can find the business address, phone number, and so on. But now this has transitioned into more conversion-oriented exercise. As an agency owner, have you noticed this trend?
  • With conversions focussed set up, clients can track ROI better, and you as an agency owner can price things accordingly as against usual low fixed price. Has this helped in better pricing from the agency point of view?

02. New Services in them mix

  • Website speed is finally getting attention. Now niche setups are offering only website speed optimization service and a lot of agency owners highlight this service as a part of a comprehensive website development package. Have you noticed this trend?
  • Besides speed, security is finally getting the right attention. WordPress security, hosting level security, SSL setup – all are offered by agencies doing client website building. Are you providing these in-house or outsource them?

03. Conversion focused new Services

  • To enhance conversions, A/B split testing is getting more attention. Have you introduced A/B split testing for your clients or still in the process?
  • Another service for custom targeting is chatbots integration. Have clients shown interest in chatbots or have you proposed this service to clients?
  • Connecting all the dots is going heavy on automation, be it in email marketing or other processes via services like Zapier. How has been its usage in your agency processes?

04. Now mainstream Services

  • Few services have already become mainstream like email marketing, social media management and even FB advertising. How has been their mix in your agency offerings?
  • For website clients, which additional services form the most significant chunk in your overall service offerings portfolio?

05. Understanding future Services mix

  • According to you, which services mix should be more profitable for agency owners and even for website clients for getting more conversions?
  • Providing all services in-house can be challenging on a profound level. Would outsourcing specialized services a better idea?

Oliver Martin’s ToolBox

  • Elementor is page builder of choice for client website development.
  • For email marketing communication prefer to use MailerLite service.
  • Storychief(.io) for blog content creation, collaboration, and feedback.
  • Love using Gravity Forms for creating contact forms, quizzes, and contracts.
  • Use lightweight Page Builder Framework as a base WordPress theme for development.
  • For web hosting, it is Cloudways for hosting all client websites.

About Oliver Martin

oliver-martin no label studios ukMy career started like many others. I was holding down a full-time job to pay my rent and feed myself when I got into HTML and CSS, which led to me building websites with a cracked copy of Dreamweaver as you do.

I have to credit Sitepoint.com for their book titled “Build your own website the right way using HTML and CSS” which a decade ago helped me understand the basics and gave example sites for me to build. It has led me down this path, and I’m very thankful.

Anyway. After 6 – 7 years of working full time and building some mediocre sites my wife and I had our daughter Rosie, and it was always planned that I would finish the job I had to become a full-time stay at home dad and agency owner. It’s certainly a gift to be able to look after my daughter, but I’m not always able to work as much as I’d like.

Over the last 3.5 years, I’ve managed to build friendships and partnerships with the web community, primarily in the WordPress space. It’s helped me immensely on both a personal level with my mental health and as an entrepreneur running a web agency.

Nowadays I’m running two web agencies, a pay monthly one that will be launched next year. As we all know, a WaaS is no simple thing to launch. The other is NO LABEL Studios, where we help overburdened marketers reduce their workload by creating amazing websites together.

Through our agencies’ partnership program we take on the creative and technical aspects of website design and our marketing partners provide the strategy and content that brings the whole piece together. I like to think of our agency and our partners as two puzzle pieces coming together.

It’s exciting to see where things could go in the future.

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