Online branding that help grow business of clients with Shane Rielly – SWC 52

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Online branding that help grow business of clients with Shane Rielly - SWC 52

Branding sets the perception among prospective buyers. Online presence of business requires thoughtful branding that converts visitors into buyers.

What are the main ingredients of creating a memorable and profitable brand identity for a business? Shane Rielly is here sharing the workflow to create online branding for businesses.

01. Pre Branding routines

  • Let’s take an example of a new company looking for online presence. What are your first few steps before the actual branding process is initiated?
  • How much weight do you give to pre-existing client vision of brand ideas, of which some could be inspired from the branding of their competitors?

02. The Branding process

  • Now all the information from the client has been collected, how do you connect the dots and begin the branding process like do you create a brand board or mood boards for a start?
  • Which brand asset is created first? Is it the logo, social assets or website layout?

03. Branding & business goals

  • How do you connect the branding process with the client’s business goals?
  • For an existing business, how does one evaluate existing branding status and decide on tweaking or creating a new brand identity?
  • After how many quarters or years, do you tweak or introduce changes in the brand languages for businesses under your care plans?

04. Branding & results

  • Is there an objective way to measure results as a result of fresh branding, or is it all subjective?
  • How do you handle client not liking the new branding flow and want immediate rollback or fresh perspective on things?

Shane Rielly’s ToolBox

  • Few tools include GSuite, Mailerlite, Zapier, Abobe, Slack, Plutio.
  • Use RunCloud with Digital Ocean servers for web hosting needs.
  • Prefer using Elementor page builder for creating website layouts.

About Shane Rielly

Shane Rielly lonely viking agencyI am the founder and co-owner of an agency based in South Africa, called Lonely Viking. We are an agency committed to helping overworked business owners grow their businesses and get their lives back.

We do that by providing branding, marketing, business automation and custom software development and consulting services.

When I left school, I decided not to study. Instead, I got a super-boring job in property valuations and saved money for a year so that I could start a surf clothing label. In the meantime, I was learning Photoshop on a friend’s computer.

The surf label thing is where I realised that I loved design. I designed the clothing (cuts, patterns, etc.) and I designed all the prints and marketing materials. That’s where I really got into it and realised I’d always be a designer.

About 13 years ago, a client I was designing a logo for asked if I could build him a website. I said yes and quickly bought some books to learn how. I the site and that is how I got in web design/development.

I am passionate about branding and have done some talks on it at a few conferences, meetups, and virtual summits. I love to teach and have small, but growing YouTube channel where I do just that.

More: Lonely Viking / Twitter

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