Positioning agency for better pricing & better clients with Corey Dodd – SWC 51

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Positioning agency for better pricing & better clients with Corey Dodd - SWC 51

Quality of leads for conversion into prospective clients is essential. How can you position your web agency that attracts high-quality leads, which further converts into better-priced service offerings?

Improving your agency positioning for better clients and better prices, here is Corey Dodd sharing it all.

01. Quality of Client Leads

  • Getting quality leads is very important for conversion into quality clients. What has been your journey with regard to building quality leads from the time you started the agency to today?
  • How do you qualify if a specific lead is worth investing time for possible conversion into clients? And how has this process changed over a period of time?

02. Positioning your Agency

  • On the positioning front, what specific things have you done on the agency level to attract higher quality leads?
  • Delivering value, quality work and client satisfaction is vital while working with clients on the agency level. How do you ensure value proposition and associated client satisfaction?
  • Another important aspect of positioning is the types of services on offer. Do you only provide specific services and refer forward for services not being offered or position yourself “do it all” under one brand?

03. Deciding on work Pricing

  • We all start from low pricing and gradually move up the pricing and value ladder. How has been your journey with regard to website project pricing over the years?
  • I am sure you have encountered prospective clients saying “price is too high” and so on. How do you counter the estimated price with client arguments?
  • Keeping your pricing updated and competitive is another critical aspect. So, how did you arrive at your specific prices for various services that you offer?

04. Stuck & need better clients

  • Someone listening to this and feeling stuck with a similar type of low paying leads and clients, what few things would you advise to start the rejuvenation for better clients?
  • Is starting a new brand with a fresh perspective recommended in extreme cases?

Corey Dodd’s ToolBox

  • Adobe XD program for creating website design for clients.
  • Use Cloudways hosting service for all client websites.
  • Prefer using ACF custom blocks for website development on WordPress.

About Corey Dodd

corey dodd elkcreative agencyI have been working in the industry for over 20 years.

I have worked for many large design agencies and a few smaller ones, running small teams, Jnr staff, and getting solid insight into how agencies work.

My role over the years has always been as a creative (having studied design), and my true passion is designing logos and visual identity systems.

More: Elk Creative / Facebook / Instagram

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