Process of writing revenue generating website copy with Josh Garofalo – SWC 40

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Process of writing revenue generating website copy with Josh Garofalo - SWC 40

In the online world, most small business owners would give design and layout more importance than to website copy. How many times have you heard, I will write copy myself or get my assistant to write a few words.

Well, website copy isn’t about filling space on the website. Instead, these words represent a message that converts your visitors into customers.  Josh Garofalo shares the process of writing the revenue-generating website copy.

01. Copy for generating revenue

  • One line on your website that got stuck in the head is “I don’t wait for inspiration to strike. I sit down at my desk and work; this is my copywriting process from initial hellos to revenue-generating copy”. However, in most cases when a new business is trying to build an online presence, their intention to get website copy to fill space on the website and describe their product (not educate for conversion). Have you noticed this issue in general?
  • What are the key differences between the website copy that describes the product and the website copy that educate, convert, bring revenue for the business?

02. Process of writing copy for new business

  • Once you are done with the initial introduction call, how do you get about deciding the proposal in terms of copy length like a number of pages, tone of messaging, focus items in the copy and so on?
  • After the proposal, how do you go about researching to set the groundwork for writing copy for this new business?
  • Where do existing competitors and their website copy come in terms of inspiration in your research process?

03. Writing the actual copy

  • For example, you are writing a copy of the “about” page for the business. Do you write the whole “sort of final” copy and start the revision process or there is more to this process?
  • Now structure-wise, writing homepage copy is different from inner page copy. Do you follow some framework that tells the headline, sub-headline, features highlight, benefits, call to action, and so on?
  • During the writing process and revisions, how often do you communicate with the client for the feedback?

04. Fixing copy for better revenue prospects

  • Let’s take an example of a web agency involved in building websites, SEO and other online services. What are a few red flags that would indicate that website copy of the specific agency website can be improved?
  • While doing this evaluation, do you also take inputs from your previously done copy work on a similar type of agency business website, or you look at every “fixing copy” job from a fresh independent perspective?
  • How much copy is too much or too less?
  • How you handle pushback on pricing for copywriting services?
  • Based on your copywriting journey so far, what are a few major website copy problems that you notice regularly?

Josh Garofalo’s ToolBox

  • Google suite and calendly are essential communication tools.
  • Use Balsamiq(.com) for wire framing and mockups while presenting the copy.
  • Love using Snappa(.com) for quick graphics and image creations.
  • Use Active Campaign for email marketing needs.

About Josh Garofalo

Josh Garofalo website copyAfter completing undergraduate and graduate studies, Josh joined a small startup as its first and only marketer.

There, he experienced the startup life in its entirety — startup incubators and accelerators, the full spectrum of marketing, sales and customer success, product, and raising venture capital.

He started on the side as a blog, but it quickly turned into a full-time business. Since going full-time in 2015, he’s been helped companies such as HubSpot, Cisco, Hotjar, AWeber and many more with positioning, messaging strategy, and copywriting for core pages and emails.

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