Sales Lessons to apply for agency growth with Nick Gulic – SWC 39

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Sales Lessons to apply for agency growth with Nick Gulic - SWC 39

Scaling your web agency to a few million dollars in revenue. Who does not want to do that, right? What sales lessons and methodology do you need to apply to grow your web agency.

Nick Gulic share sales lessons learnt on the journey of his professional life. Further, how he applied those sales lessons to grow his web agency while getting into entrepreneurship.

01. Learning Sales Lessons

  • I am going to quote you, “I have grown an outsourcing business from $250k to $5m a year as the sole business development manager – there are many sales lessons I learned there which I apply to my agency now”. Which sales lessons did you learn in the role of business development manager that grew the business to $5m value?
  • During this process, did you document or made any template structure for things you were repeating on every sale contact with prospective clients?
  • In this process, was it getting more clients at the same price points or getting more money value from existing clients?
  • Was upselling part of this process of scaling up sales?

02. Starting the Agency journey

  • Now, you left that job and started your agency. How did you get your first few clients for the agency business?
  • Again I am going to quote you, “That agency took off, and with the business and marketing background I had, the sites I built got some real results for my clients.”. What specific things did you while building an online presence for clients that got them results?
  • Also, were those results measured by you or clients happily shared about incoming business coming from websites created by your agency?

03. Applying Sales Lessons to Agency

  • A lot of people start a web agency and hit the plateau soon after serving a bunch of clients. According to you, why does this happen?
  • Which sales lessons did you apply in your agency for robust growth?
  • Once an agency has been there for some time, is getting new clients more important or getting more business from existing clients?
  • While scaling up, where does the mix of upselling, productizing your offerings, retainers figure in this process?

Nick Gulic’s ToolBox

  • Use for project management, CRM and internal wiki needs.
  • Love using for creating project proposals for clients.
  • For internal communication use Slack, Skype and services.
  • Prefer Xero for accounting needs, reporting, expenditure tracking.
  • Use Cloudways Hosting running Vultr server for tech-savvy clients.
  • For non-tech savvy clients, recommend WPEngine Hosting service.
  • Beaver Builder is favourite page builder for creating websites.

About Nick Gulic

nick gulic agency salesA lot of people don’t know this about me, but I used to be an accountant! I went from working in a Chartered Accounting firm to becoming a business development manager for another firm, to running that same firm (except now it was a lot bigger), to deciding to leave and start my consulting practice.

Websites had always been a hobby of mine, but in 2017, I decided to start charging and launched an agency as a side business. That agency took off, and with the business and marketing background I had, the sites I built got some real results for my clients. That got me great word of mouth business, and my little agency started making more money than my consulting business!

I met my excellent business partner about eight months in, and we had a lot of complementary skill sets (he’d been in the design and development game at a high level for over 20 years). We talked for a while about joining forces, so we trialled working together on a few projects. In 2018 we made it official, and our agency cre8iv click was born!

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