Create automated turnkey websites business on WordPress with Matthew Rodela – SWC 59

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Create automated turnkey websites business on WordPress with Matthew Rodela - SWC 59

Imagine a setup where a visitor automatically signs up for a new website, completes payment, selects a template, and his website is ready for customization without any human intervention.

This is possible with Turnkey websites concept on WordPress platform, also called WaaS (Websites as service). Sharing what all is needed for such an automated setup, here is Matthew Rodela.

01. WordPress for Turnkey Websites

  • Now for a user familiar with WordPress and comfortable building websites using a page builder, how would you define the concept of Turnkey Websites on WordPress platform to such an audience?
  • This would require WordPress Multisite as against standalone WordPress install, which is more common in the ecosystem. WordPress Multisite can be a scary and confusing concept for a lot of WordPress users. How would you define it in the simplest terms?
  • How difficult is it to manage a WordPress Multisite as against a usual standalone WordPress install for a website?

02. Automating the whole process

  • The idea is user signs up, selects a website template, completes payment, and user is ready to customize the website as per requirement. Now, this process has to be automated without any owner intervention. What is all required to achieve this automation on WordPress Multisite installation?
  • Of Course, this can be achieved by stitching few plugins, but now there are also ready-made solutions in the form of standalone plugins like WP Ultimo and Waas Pro. Which is the more recommended solution for someone just starting and testing waters?

03. On-boarding and Training

  • While human intervention is not needed for a user to sign up for a new website and to select a template design. However, for further onboarding and hand-holding may require custom help for a user. How can one cut down on support tickets from new users?
  • Digging further into the support ticket aspect, what is your setup, and how much or less are support tickets when compared to the usual one install one website setup in an agency?

04. Website Templates Collection

  • One would need templates collection to begin with such a setup. How can a new person get started with this?
  • I believe page builders help make this process easy. What is your preferred tool stack with regard to page builders and templates on offer?

05. Money Making and Expenses

  • For a new user wanting to setup turnkey website solution, what are vital expenses to begin with?
  • Turnkey website is altogether a new world for me, so I don’t know about success stories in this regard. What is the scope of money-making opportunities in this setup, like can you share a few examples of turnkey websites’ success?

Matthew Rodela’s ToolBox

  • Started using Airtable and like the functionality of this tool.
  • Use Slack for regular communication with team members.
  • For turnkey setup, WP Ultimo is an important tool in the mix.
  • Use Process.St to keep track of all processes and checklists.
  • Gravity Forms is sn essential tool in the setup for payments and more.
  • As of now using WP Engine for web hosting of turnkey websites setup.
  • Use Beaver Builder for templates as it is multisite compatible.
  • For email marketing use Active Campaign service.

About Matthew Rodela

Matthew Rodela wordpressI started in the technology world as an IT helpdesk specialist. I really loved working with computers and helping people solve problems. At about that same time, around 2005, I was introduced to WordPress. I built websites as a hobby for myself and friends.

Fast forward to 2011 when I quit my job to pursue my own IT consulting business. After a few years of running my business, I realized my heart was in web development, so I shifted my focus to that and dove head-first into WordPress development.

While working in IT, I built a large list of contacts in the industry, and one thing was painfully clear, their websites were not very good. But they couldn’t afford to hire someone to build one for them for thousands of dollars. So that’s when I decided to try to build a turnkey website solution utilizing this thing called WordPress multisite, which brings us to today.

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