Unfiltered advice for right mindset to work online with Robert Walsh – SWC 60

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Unfiltered advice for right mindset to work online with Robert Walsh - SWC 60

Working online comes with own share of challenges, frustration, failures, learning, and even sweet success. How can one build a mindset to handle this mix of ingredients in online life?

Remember, the right mindset helps in doing the right work with the right results. Here is Robert Walsh sharing unfiltered mindset advice for online entrepreneurs.

01. Right Mindset means right results

  • The most common mindset with regard to working online is, making money online is immediate and happen magically. Most people don’t bother to get ready, prepare, or invest in themselves before venturing out to help others and make money in the process. How common is this and any inspiring words to someone stuck in this mindset status quo?
  • When starting new, risks are inevitable – be it financial or lack of work. Yet most of us prefer to play safe. Besides doing planning, are there any other ways to minimize risks when finding your foot in the online world?
  • Besides not preparing enough and not calculating risks, what are other common ingredients that form the mindset of a person venturing into online money-making?

02. Adding focus to the Mindset

  • Focus and consistency are two important components yet most of us find it difficult to get a grasp of them. I have had my struggles by overwhelming myself with too much stuff in the early days but now things are better in this regard. What is your magic trick for being focussed and consistent in the online working life?
  • Passion for something and doing something to make money – it is a tough balancing act which can lead to frustration and less quality of work. How do one balance passion and work at hand?

03. Preparing Mindset for failure & action

  • Majority of us have more failures than successes, which is normal but each of us reacts differently to failures. I have learnt to consider failure as a learning milestone but it took me a few years to get that into my head. How do you handle failures?
  • Learning from failures and taking action becomes even more critical in the whole process. While talking action we tend to have insecurities, fear of failure and more importantly imposter syndrome aka I am not good enough. Do these get fixed as you get older and wiser working in the online ecosystem or is there learning for such fixing?

04. Mindset built from a network

  • The company of work friends can be very important in deciding the direction of your thinking and the general mindset. If one network among a bunch of people with a negative mindset as against action takers, you also develop similar traits. How important are your immediate work network and networking for right mind conditioning?
  • I see a lot of drama going on in Facebook groups and often say, it is perfectly fine if you don’t like someone or someone hates you in the online world. Get over it and let your work speak and not you talking negative stuff about others. How do you get over negative chatter in online communities?

Robert Walsh Toolbox

  • Facebook is great for networking and lead generation.
  • Use Google Docs for content creation and collaboration.
  • For project management needs, started using Monday(.com) tool.
  • Use Spotify extensively to listen to music and podcasts.

About Robert Walsh

robert walsh online copywriterI’ve been dabbling in the digital marketing world since 09/10 and have made it my fulltime income since 2014. I started doing article marketing for local businesses initially before focusing on eCom in 2014.

I’ve co-owned and operated multiple eCommerce brands since then and have always written our sales copy as well as having a large part in the development of content and design processes.

It wasn’t until mid-2018 when I decided to commit my time and energy exclusively to direct response copywriting. I’ve since started a copywriting agency and have a small team that works predominantly with celebrity brands and businesses.

More: Facebook / Church of Copy Group

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