Exploring WebP & Adaptive Images for faster websites with James Cantoni

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Exploring WebP & Adaptive Images for faster websites with James Cantoni

The concept of image optimization is often talked about with regard to WordPress websites. What about the concept of adaptive images and WebP image format?

Let’s explore and understand this mix to make WordPress websites even faster with James Cantoni.


01. Importance of Image optimization

  • Taking a broader view of the WordPress ecosystem, image optimization is still not on the to-do list for many website creators, especially among new creators and agency owners. Why is this, lack of knowledge or lack of importance to this aspect of website optimization?
  • I believe, WordPress by default optimizes every uploaded image to 75% quality setting. Is that good enough for majority users?

02. Adaptive Images

  • How would you explain the concept of adaptive images to someone very new to image optimization aspect of website building?
  • How does service like WP Compress handle and execute adaptive images aspect during the image optimization process?
  • Does adaptive image concept work on SVG format images?
  • Are there any known issues with adaptive image resizing on WordPress websites?

03. WebP Images

  • Why use WebP image format against good old JPEG or PNG format for images on the website?
  • Do we need a special converter for the conversion of images into WebP format?
  • What is the saving a percentage on an average when converting jpeg to webp image format?
  • Do WebP images display fine on mobile and tablet device browsers?
  • Any precautions when using this image format or is it good for use?

James Cantoni’s ToolBox

  • Crisp(.chat) service for handling WPCompress support requests.
  • Use Slack for internal communication and messaging.
  • For vector illustrations love using undraw.co website.
  • Use Lottie Files for cool animation effects to graphic files.
  • Use ClickUp tool for all project management needs.
  • Prefer to use Cloudways for web hosting requirements.
  • For email marketing using Sendy along with Amazon SES.

About James Cantoni

James Cantoni WP Compress founderLike most of us, I started out doing websites for friends and colleagues as it came easy to me. It became difficult to scale while doing multiple websites and managing individual clients needs, so we shifted to developing SaaS applications and WordPress Plugins.

Ever since a young age, I’ve been interested in entrepreneurship and started with selling circuit board kits on eBay at the age of 14.

Over the years, I’ve learned a lot and am genuinely interested and proud of the projects I’m involved with – striving for excellence and making it easier for the end-user.

More: WP Compress / Twitter

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