Big branding mistakes we make on websites with Angela Merzib

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Big branding mistakes we make on websites with Angela Merzib

Online branding is easy, make a logo and decide on colors and you’re all set. Really? Well, that’s mistake number one.

What are the common mistakes we make while creating online branding for our client business? Angela Merzib is here to share all the good stuff.

01. Branding beyond fancy stuff

  • Let’s make a quick logo and decide on a bunch of colours – branding is done. Isn’t this a common perception – which obviously is very wrong as branding is more than just a logo!
  • In the prep phase, you mentioned: “count the I/you ratio” on your website. Can you elaborate on this in the context of branding?

02. Common Branding goof ups

  • The most visible branding mistake is inconsistency. Throw in a bunch of fonts, colours, font styles and make a website that seems to look ok. Such a mess is a common appearance, what say?
  • One big factor behind mashed up inconsistency branding is the urge to copy the competition. Let’s get presumably best-looking bits from 3-4 competitor websites and make the best branding mix for ourself. Another common occurrence, right?

03. Branding language Jargons

  • To sound very technical and professional, a lot of people end up using jargons infested language on the website. Aren’t we making our task more difficult by doing this, as visitors will find it even more difficult to connect with your brand due to difficult jargons laden messaging?
  • Going specific here, headlines are what people notice when they land on a website. What are a few dos and don’ts when writing headlines that would contribute positively to the branding exercise?

04. Branding visual flow

  • So, you have headlines along with description text. How does one control the user flow with correct “call to action” elements? Plus, how many CTAs are too many or too less in standard website branding exercise?
  • Circling back, branding is often too attached with logo and website design. Since the design is a highly subjective territory, how does one create the best design to match with specific branding requirements of the business?

About Angela Merzib

angela merzib be bold brandingAngela launched Be Bold Branding to build bold, “talkaboutable” brands for high achieving Boss Moms from the ground up. She saw the need to help Mamas in business build a unique brand that utilized their one of a kind superpowers to help them get noticed in a noisy marketplace, create a fulfilling and profitable business and still have time for the important stuff too — an abundant life and relationship with their family that fills them with joy, because she believes Boss Mamas CAN have it all! (Can I get a hooyah?!!!)

In her more than 20 years creative career, Angela saw a need to create more than just “pretty things” to help her clients succeed and was fuelled by the desire to connect what she saw to be the missing dots between business objectives and creative outputs. Having a clear plan for your brand does that by merging business goals, strategy, design and marketing to connect to your dream client and drive the business forward. Angela wants to help female leaders use their brand as a catalyst for growing a meaningful business.

Angela sees the brand building as a contact sport – you’ve got to dare to be different and make an emotional impact with your audience to succeed. A “talkaboutable” brand packs a punch, and as a certified brand strategist, kickboxing instructor, and former roller derby competitor, she can land a punch with style.

Angela is a strategic thinker with professional knowledge and creative chops to take on the most daunting brand challenges. She’s a wife and Boss Mama who’s pulling off a balancing act like an Olympic gymnast, and so can you!

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