Expanding Care Plans into WordPress Retainers with Mario Peshev – SWC 44

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Expanding Care Plans into WordPress Retainers with Mario Peshev - SWC 44

So, your agency is offering care plans to clients, which have much helped you in building a regular income stream. How about stretching the canvas and going to the next level with WordPress retainers?

How does WordPress retainers offer more value to your clients, their businesses and you? More importantly, how can you pivot your offerings to a “retainer” model? Mario Peshev is here sharing about WordPress retainers and much more.

01. Concept of WordPress Retainers

  • I believe WordPress Retainer is more than just offering care plans to clients. So, for an agency owner offering care plans, how would you stretch the canvas and explain the concept of WordPress Retainers to that type of audience?
  • Isn’t this concept more relevant as the traditional mindset of getting just a website does not work for businesses in terms of conversions?

02. Checking client fit for WordPress Retainers

  • Now a salon website in a small town operation is an ideal fit for care plans but not for WordPress Retainers. What type of businesses fit better in this service model?
  • What are a few things you research on to vet a business or client for a better match with your WordPress Retainer services?

03. Services included in WordPress Retainers

  • Care plans would be one small subset of WordPress Retainer services. What are the other primary services included in the WordPress Retainer offering?
  • Unlike care plans with fixed price points, do you build a custom package for each client on WordPress Retainer?

04. Pricing & Selling WordPress Retainers

  • One thing is given, WordPress Retainer involves a lot of work, and hence, price points are higher as well. So, what price points are we looking at in this regard?
  • Since this involves business strategy and long term goals, is long term yearly commitment a norm in WordPress retainers?
  • When compared to selling care plans, how different would be the sales pitch and approach of selling retainers to prospective clients?
  • An an agency owner who currently offer care plans and listening to you, what three things would you recommend that will allow expansion of the care plans horizon into a full-blown retainer concept?
  • How to get clients for retainer plans?

Mario Peshev’s ToolBox

  • Gmail, slack are essential communication tools for clients and internal team.
  • Prefer to use Asana for all project management needs.
  • WordPress as a solid base for a lot of system, including CRM.
  • Like MailChimp for email marketing, also like ConvertKit for future use

About Mario Peshev

Mario Peshev agency expertI launched my first website in 1999 — a Pokédex inspired by the famous anime. For the next decade, I kept hacking forum platforms, building software tools, assembling custom PC builds, translating security news for an international IT magazine.

At the peak of the financial recession, I founded DevriX. I was determined to pivot in the worst possible moment, economically speaking. If you persevere and survive through this, what could go wrong after?

My creative interest in writing and my background as a technical trainer helped me shape the marketing strategy and sales techniques complementing my technical know-how. This opened a separate world of opportunities for us, diving into the MarTech world, launching new vertical solutions in the SaaS space on top of WordPress, and scaling publishers past 500 million monthly views.

More: Mario Peshev / Devrix / Twitter

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