Creating Content that you love & makes money with Bob Dunn – SWC 47

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Creating Content that you love & makes money with Bob Dunn - SWC 47

What content should I produce, isn’t this a perennial question among people wanting to create new content? Also, this is not just about the love of creating new content but also balancing it with your money-making goals.

Bob Dunn has produced a lot of content over the years in the form of written, video and audio podcasts. He is here to share his content journey and actionable tips for better content creation.

01. The Content Journey

  • Producing content is a journey, especially when you are doing for your own websites. Now you have been writing content on bobwp website for a long time. How did this content journey start for you?
  • What are the significant changes that you have noticed on how you approach writing content today as compared to earlier times, say five years back?

02. What to Write About

  • Majority of folks are confused about what to write about. This topic selection is the biggest stumbling block, and a lot of people get stuck at this and produce no content at all. Any tips for quickly making the topic selection and get on with actual content writing?
  • How does one balance content topics closer to the heart and topics that are currently viral in the ecosystem?
  • Where do you get inspiration for future topics or things you want to write about on your websites?

03. The process of writing

  • Now once you have topics in the clear, how do you get about actual article writing? Do you follow any specific methodology or routine?
  • What are a few tools that help you write better content?

04. Podcast as content

  • You have been podcasting for a long time, and podcast episodes form a big content block on your websites. How does podcast content compare with the written content?
  • Which is more time consuming to produce, a podcast or written only content?

05. Making money from content

  • Technically one can money from every piece of content, provided you have enough traffic. This sounds easy on paper but not in the practical online life. So, how does Bob monetize his written content?
  • What about making money from your podcasting endeavours, how fruitful this has been so far?

Bob Dunn’s ToolBox

  • Evernote is essential to organize and bookmark information.
  • Use Zencastr to record audio podcasts and Zoom(.us) for video.
  • Social Web Suite to manage all social media activity and posting.
  • For SEO optimization & content tracking love Yoast SEO and Analytify.
  • Use Liquid web for website hosting and Castos for podcast hosting.
  • Prefer using Beaver Builder for building website layouts quickly.

About Bob Dunn

Bob Dunn Podcaster WordPress CreatorI have been in the WordPress space for 12 years, working online even before then.

In 2007 I started dabbling with WordPress, and during the next three years got more into this ecosystem.

Except for development, I have done everything like coaching, design, and training.

I prefer to label myself as a content creator since I extensively blog and podcast.

More: BobWPMedia / Twitter

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