Shortlinks urls


Are shorter URL version of regular URLs for easy sharing and remembering.

By default, articles or pages have long URLs which can be difficult to recall and mention while sharing with others. URL shortening tools and services help convert long URLs into shortened URLs, often called as shortlinks.

How does these work

First, add the default URL into a URL shortening tool. It will automatically generate the shortened URL version that you can share anywhere on social media or via email. When a user opens that shortlink, it will automatically redirect and open the original (long) URL.

URL Shortening Services

There are a lot of free and paid URL shortening services. Bitly and TinyURL are two most popular URL shortening services. While TinyURL is entirely free, bitly offers a lot of advanced options with paid plans.

Shortlinks in WordPress

Pretty Links and Simple URLs are two popular plugins to create shorter version of long links on a WordPress website. Besides these, many other plugins offering this functionality.

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