Saving precious time building client websites with Andre Gagnon – SWC 63

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Saving precious time building client websites with Andre Gagnon - SWC 63

Now we are building websites way faster than before, thanks to a lot of helpful tools that give us a quick head start in the whole process.

However, time still has to be spent on every aspect, be it understanding project requirements, communicating with clients, revisions, and this list goes on. Here is Andre Gagnon sharing about time mix while building client websites.

01. Understanding the time spend mix

  • While doing a website project, there can be a lot of time-consuming components or milestones in the whole process. Like initial contact, understanding project requirements, creating a design, getting feedback, developing layouts, revisions and final installation. I doubt if anyone plan for how many specific hours has to be spent on specific website building stages or milestones. Is that a worthwhile exercise?
  • A lot of starters use good old email for client communication and later jump into using a project management tool. How important is to begin with a project management tool right from the start?

02. Time spent during the website project

  • For the technical point of view, one should use the same tool stack like a theme, plugins on the majority of projects for faster development. However, subjectively comes into play when communicating with clients as each client has his or her way and style of messaging. Is there a way to bring any standardization or constant workflow in this regard?
  • Website revisions or changes during development is another big source of time spent. How does one put more premium on time spent in this process like be strict on the number of revisions or fix a specific number of hours?
  • Where does video communication fit in this whole process? Does this speed up or slow down the state of things with regard to a website project?
  • Communicating among team members while building a website is another source of time expenditure. How does one keep time spent to a minimum and yet keep communication effective among team members?

03. Using tools to save precious time

  • Would you still recommend using email for client communication, especially for clients on recurring care or maintenance plans?
  • What about using slack or Facebook group and other such mediums for client communication?
  • Are there specific tools or services that has helped you in saving time in this whole process of website building?

Andre Gagnon’s ToolBox

  • Use VS Code editor for code development needs.
  • For CSS writing use Tailwind utility framework.
  • Recommend Cloudways and Kinsta for web hosting needs.
  • Love the direction of Gutenberg blocks in WordPress.

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