Finish website projects faster on time and budget with Beth Livingston – SWC 61

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Finish website projects faster on time and budget with Beth Livingston - SWC 61

We all strive to finish website projects faster and faster. However, in the real world, there are so many things that slow us down and at times, spending more time on specific web projects.

Going beyond the technical chatter, here is Beth Lyles Livingston sharing insights for smoother, faster, and more organized website creation workflow.

01. Going beyond the technical stuff

  • In the WordPress ecosystem, a lot of emphasis is put on the technical stuff like which theme, plugin, pages builder, and other WordPress tools to be used for quick website creation. But this does not guarantee quick website delivery and finishing the project. How true is this in your view?
  • Whether one is a new or seasoned creator, there can be so many things that can go wrong or consume more time than expected during a WordPress website project. In the whole project lifecycle which are the most common bottlenecks which slow down the majority of creative people?

02. Managing Scope Creep

  • So, a project started with the promise of 10-page website and suddenly the client wants 2 more pages. In the spirit of being nice, we accommodate – which actually sets the wrong precedence for you and also for the whole creator’s community. How does one handle this scope creep in a project?
  • Is it easy and feasible to define “almost” everything in the initial website contract?
  • How about handling additional new items after the core project completion and not revising the existing contract or to-do lists – is this better?

03. Groundwork to start the Project

  • Understanding client requirements and the contract have been done. Which are the first few things after this to quickly get rolling?
  • Getting content from clients is still a sore point for a lot of creators. How does one attach more importance to this aspect of the project, so that client also understands that and content is ready in time for the project to begin?

04. Making sense of the money part

  • A 5-page brochure website can be built for $500 to $5000 to $20,000 price tag. Of course, with the changing price that quality or experience you access change in a big way. So, how does one price projects to begin with?
  • Where does milestone payments as project development move from one stage to another figure in the whole process?
  • Every one of us encounter projects where we end up spending more time than expected. Should we take this into the stride and get over with the frustration or passing on the extra time in the form of an additional estimate to the client a good way to heal that frustration?

Beth Livingston ToolBox

  • Use MemberPress and LearnDash for online courses setup.
  • Love using Content Snare for getting content from clients.
  • Prefer to use WP Feedback to get design feedback & testing.
  • Use Manage WP for website updates and maintenance.
  • For the current website hosting needs use Liquid Web hosting.
  • Use Elementor page builder for building page layout designs.

About Beth Livingston

Beth Livingston wordpress roadmapsI built my first WordPress website in 2009 for a side business, was immediately smitten, and soon began building websites for other small businesses.

In 2016, after a long history as an IT Business Analyst, Instructional Designer, and Project Manager, I left the corporate world to become a full-time WordPress Coach and Designer, and now I enjoy providing real-life project management skills training for WordPress practitioners (designers, developers, consultants, project managers, and agencies) through my company, WP Roadmaps and Coaching.

I am the creator of The WP Project Manager’s Academy and The Complete Project Management Roadmap for WordPress program (currently in revision). I administer the WordPress Project Management Facebook group, serve as an organizer for the Triad WordPress Meetup Group where I have hosted several “happiness bar” type events for those needing help.

I enjoy teaching and have presented talks at various WordCamps across the country, at Venture Cafe Winston-Salem, the Triad WordPress Meetup, and I’ve taught project management classes at Guilford Technical Community College’s Small Business Center in Greensboro NC.

More: WP RoadmapsFacebook Group

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