Making Website Changes easy for Clients using Custom Fields with Clifton Canady – SWC 62

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Making Website Changes easy for Clients using Custom Fields with Clifton Canady - SWC 62

On WordPress websites, custom fields implementation can have a lot of use cases. How using custom fields can help clients make small website changes easily?

Well, Clifton Canady is here sharing how he uses the power of custom fields for building websites in combination with a page builder.

01. Custom Fields Tool

  • I understand, Advanced Custom Fields is your go-to solution for implementing custom fields. What made you choose ACF as against other comparable solutions like Pods, Toolset, and so on?
  • What about using manual code for registering custom fields, ever thought of going that way?
  • Which tool or method do you use for registering a custom post type where custom fields are controlled via ACF?

02. Website content with Custom Fields

  • Let’s take an example of a simple 5-10 pages brochure website. Which parts of those pages would you use custom fields?
  • Using custom fields to build options panel, is that common part of your website builds?
  • What type of options is most common in this website options panel?

03. Custom Fields & Page Builder

  • I understand you use Elementor page builder to create websites. Now, a page builder gives almost 100% freedom to the client to edit anything or even destroy everything. Where does using custom fields fit in this setup of a website created using a page builder?
  • Which custom field types are most used in such setup of websites made using a page builder?
  • Can you share a few examples of advanced custom fields implementation in combination with a page builder?

Clifton Canady’s Toolbox

About Clifton Canady

Clifton Canady website agencyMy name is Clifton Canady, and I am a front-end web developer and designer, and the owner CT Web Design Shop.

With 15 years of experience in creating interactive, modern, and eye-catching websites, and more than 10 years of experience in customer service, I am ready to take on any web developing or design challenge and create a professional website best suited to your business needs.

I also have a Youtube Channel called WPCliffsNotes, and I create weekly WordPress help and tutorials to help you get the most out of your WordPress website. We teach tips and tricks for making your web design workflow better by using WordPress as a Content Management System.

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