Created Issue #07

Created #07 – 2019 Edits

Edit out website footer of 2018, Spend on Podcast Advertisements, Small Business Websites in 2019, Remove Image Background Tool, SiteKit from Google for WordPress, Create Gutenberg Blocks.

Yes, I am literally talking about editing out 2018 with 2019 on your website. How often we forget and take months to edit out older year listed in the website footer? Also, check a few amazing tools for an amazing 2019 start.

Creators Buzz

1. Update Copyright 2018… to 2019 in the website footer. I have updated one website and many more to go. Of course, smart souls using PHP or shortcode for automatic year change need not worry!

2. Podcast advertising… can be highly subjective. Here is an amazing breakdown of podcast advertising on what worked and what did not.

3. No own website for… your local business is a popular sentiment as “we got a Facebook page”. Well, local business needs a website more than ever in 2019 – get ready explaining and building.

Creators Toolbox

1. Preview CSS Background… overlay blend modes. Blendy comes in handy to quickly check which overlay blend more would look the best on your selected background image.

2. Removing background from images… can be a super time-consuming task. But online tool makes it few seconds job. This works really well on people images

3. Drawing tool from Google… is simple and very easy to use. Check AutoDraw to quickly draw anything residing in your head and in a single click it converts into perfect resembling shape.

WordPress Buzz

1. Google for WordPress… introduces Site Kit. A single WordPress plugin for all major services like Google Analytics, Search Console, AdSense, and PageSpeed Insights.

2. Gutenberg blocks… is getting all the right attention now. Here is a details process of coding a Gutenberg block by Jan Koch. There is even a plugin called Block Lab that provides you a simple templating system for building own custom Gutenberg blocks.

Until the next time… hope your new year has started on a right note and you are all done with initial 2019 edits. Also, it is assumed you have already set 2019 goals and clear on how to achieve them.

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