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Created #09 – Flourish With

Fully custom Video Live Streaming setup, How not to Contribute to Facebook Community, Write better Newsletters, Gmail Right Click Bliss, Testing your Design Eye, Fancy Duotone Images, Why No Jetpack Plugin, WordPress in 2019.

There are now new mediums to flourish online with your views, content and more. Be it running a private Facebook community group or writing a good old email newsletter. Even jumping into all new world of live streaming with a fully customized look. This edition of “created” explore all these new ways of spreading your content and getting attention.

Creators Buzz

1. Live-stream video.. of yourself or with a guest in a full custom format using OBS. Kyle and Matt share the process of using OBS with Zoom to get a full custom looking live streaming platform that costs nothing.

2. I love the ecosystem… of Facebook groups, especially the one I run “Web Creators Community“. If you are a part of any Facebook group and do either of these 19 things listed by Kate Toon, then cut back and spread only goodness.

3. Writing Newsletter… is an amazing way to grow your email list and start a conversation with your tribe. Check Newsletter Guide with amazing step by step breakdown for taking your newsletter to the next level.

Creators Playground

1. Gmail right click… is the new thing that is saving so much time. Just head over to your Gmail inbox and right click on any email in the inbox view to see the surprise.

2. Test your design eye… quickly with Can’t Unsee thing. A creative way to understand very foundation level design mistakes we tend to do while making user interface designs.

3. Fancy your images… with dual-tone effect using CSS code. Check CSS Duotone and head over to CSS ToolBox for more amazing CSS Tools to add fanciness to the front end.

WordPress Buzz

1. Jetpack plugin… is on my “avoid” list for a long time. David Decker lists 7 reasons for not using Jetpack plugin and I have to nod my head on these for sure. I still remember Matt Medeiros said, “Jetpack is the biggest Trojan horse of up-sells…”.

2. Future of WordPress… in 2019 and beyond. Alex Panagis made round-up of what note-able people from WordPress ecosystem think of WordPress future. Read thoughts from Joost de Valk of Yoast, Robby McCullough from Beaver Builder, me (Davinder) and others.

3. Recurring revenue… using WordPress through care plans set up. Many experts are using this niche successfully like Ed Ellingham who shared tools and the workflow needed for client website care business.

Until the next time… which online mediums of publishing your content have worked well for you? Chime in the comments below and become part of “created”.

Davinder Singh Kainth

Davinder loves creating and implementing online spaces. He has over a decade of experience reaching corners of: design, development, blogging and SEO. Learn more at


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    Thanks for sharing the post I wrote! 🙂

  2. Rishad Quazi on February 19, 2019 at 1:28 pm

    Lots of good info here – thanks, Davinder! — Rishad

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