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Created #10 – Know & Control

Items as Business Expense, Control Digital Distractions, Ideas for Writing Better Proposals, Mosaic Image Version, Mobile Website Speed, Fun Blob Shapes in Design, Custom Mailto Link, Guten Blocks made Genesis Theme.

Knowing things (and more things) is very important in the ever-changing online ecosystem. Writing a better proposal for a client or knowing more about what should be your business expenses can help the money situation. After knowing comes controlling where you spend or waste time. Are you a minimalist or get absorbed by shiny web objects?

Creators Buzz

1. Items tagged as an expense… for a freelance designer. Not sure which item qualify and which does not? Check the list of 21 tax write-offs that you should not miss like website expenses, software, notebooks and more.

2. Being digital minimalist… by cutting down on things that drain your time and energy. James Rose is experimenting with a couple of things like less podcasting listening, less phone usage (always do that one for sure).

3. Writing Proposals… for websites and other things is so boring but important. Check the 2019 Proposal Report findings that can help you write more conversion orientated proposals.

Creators Playground

1. Mosaic version… of your image made easy with this simple tool. Just upload any photo and get really cool looking mosaic format of that image.

2. How fast does… your website load on a mobile? Here is a speed testing tool by Google especially for checking website loading speed for mobile devices.

3. Blob shapes… are getting popular and now seen on a lot of website designs. Check this article on Blobs featuring blobs generators and blobs animation examples.

4. Create mailto link… for an email ID with the custom subject and body text. Use this cool tool to type in email ID and custom text to get your super custom mailto link code.

WordPress Buzz

1. Guten revolution.. has started for sure. WordPress widgets will become blocks soon and a lot of other things like improving existing blocks, user interface, proposed blocks manager – excited?

2. Theme homepage design… made with guten blocks? Yep, StudioPress has released Revolution Pro Theme that has homepage created using WordPress Blocks instead of a usual widgetized PHP template!

Until the next time… do you love to know more or control more? I prefer an even balance, what about you?

Davinder Singh Kainth

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