Ed Ellingham wp cloud care

Business of taking care of client & agency websites with Ed Ellingham – SWC 23

February 11, 2019

There is a big recurring revenue opportunity in managing client websites. One needs proper tools, workflow processes in managing a lot of client websites for updates, changes, and security. Ed Ellingham from Cloud Care WP provide insights on infrastructure, tools,…

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Mor Cohen design develop websites

Practical process of designing beautiful websites with Mor Cohen – SWC 13

November 13, 2018

So, you made a website layout and it does not look right. What is missing? Well, understanding of design fundamentals makes a big difference. Mor Cohen shares about…

Kronda Adair Marketing System Client Websites

Creating online marketing system for website clients with Kronda Adair – SWC 12

October 30, 2018

A website is just one part of the whole marketing plan for generating conversions for the client’s business. Kronda Adair focuses on the bigger picture of building marketing…

Kyle Van Deusen ogalweb agency

Quitting job & going full time into profitable web agency with Kyle Van Deusen – SWC 11

October 22, 2018

Starting a profitable web agency directly after quitting the full-time job. Kyle Van Deusen shares his quick journey from working as an employee for someone to becoming an…

Bernhard Gronau Pods Plugin WordPress

Easy Custom Fields with Pods for WordPress users with Bernhard Gronau – SWC 10

October 15, 2018

Custom fields concept in WordPress is difficult to understand and implement for a lot of WordPress users. Bernhard Gronau explains the use case of custom fields and how…

Matt Medeiros in WordPress ecosystem

Successful online entrepreneurship in WordPress world with Matt Medeiros – SWC 09

October 8, 2018

Building successful online entrepreneurship through digital products and services based on the WordPress platform. Matt Medeiros shares his “happy chaos” journey of building an agency, productized services, digital…

Paul Lacey Dickiebirds Studio

Building web agency with niche & white label approach with Paul Lacey – SWC 08

October 1, 2018

Building a web agency that does UX design and web development projects on a white label basis. This is the focus area for Paul Lacey and his partner…

Peter Luit Developer

Serving high value clients with custom data websites with Peter Luit – SWC 07

September 24, 2018

Attracting high-value clients by offering them custom data website solution is the focus area for Peter Luit. Coming from the publishing background, he applied the same foundation principles…

Tim Preut From TickyBoom Designs

Making website design from client requirements with Tim Preut – SWC 06

September 17, 2018

How to get started building logo design followed by website design layout from the client requirements? Tim Preut shares his process of creating an amazing logo design and…

Jan Koch

Faster loading client websites is easy with Jan Koch – SWC 05

September 11, 2018

Making client websites faster is the focus area for Jan Koch from WPMastery. He follows systematized approach to identify slow website causing bottlenecks. Fixes for making the website…