Mike Killen Funnel Builder

How a user familiar with Email Marketing can transition into Sales Funnel world with Mike Killen – SWC 17

December 10, 2018

Email marketing is an important way for direct leads building and conversions. How you can extend this into a full Sales funnel sequence for more customized experience for each lead and better conversion? Mike Killen explains the basics of going…

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Peter Luit Developer

Serving high value clients with custom data websites with Peter Luit – SWC 07

September 24, 2018

Attracting high-value clients by offering them custom data website solution is the focus area for Peter Luit. Coming from the publishing background, he applied the same foundation principles…

Tim Preut From TickyBoom Designs

Making website design from client requirements with Tim Preut – SWC 06

September 17, 2018

How to get started building logo design followed by website design layout from the client requirements? Tim Preut shares his process of creating an amazing logo design and…

Jan Koch

Faster loading client websites is easy with Jan Koch – SWC 05

September 11, 2018

Making client websites faster is the focus area for Jan Koch from WPMastery. He follows systematized approach to identify slow website causing bottlenecks. Fixes for making the website…

David Wamusley building client websites

New ways of working with website clients with David Waumsley – SWC 04

September 2, 2018

David Waumsley talks about new ways of working with website clients with Davinder Singh Kainth. He shares a different approach of working with clients for building websites.  He…

Todd E Jones Copywriter at CopyFlight

Never run out of Blog Post Ideas with Todd E Jones – SWC 03

August 16, 2018

In today’s episode of Smart Web Creators, Davinder talks to Todd E. Jones about Copywriting and how to never run out of blog post ideas. Todd is a…

Kim Doyal Authority Brand Website

Road to building authority brand website with Kim Doyal – SWC 02

August 16, 2018

In today’s episode of Smart Web Creators, Davinder talks to Kim Doyal about the road to building authority brand website. Kim took her business from WPChick “The WordPress…

Smart Web Creators Podcast Introduction

Introduction to Smart Web Creators Podcast – SWC 01

August 14, 2018

In this first episode of Smart Web Creators, you get to meet Davinder Singh Kainth. Davinder has been in the WordPress digital space for over ten years now…