Create automated turnkey websites business on WordPress with Matthew Rodela – SWC 59

Matthew Rodela Turnkey websites

Imagine a setup where a visitor automatically signs up for a new website, completes payment, selects a template, and his website is ready for customization without any human intervention. This is possible with Turnkey websites concept on WordPress platform, also called WaaS (Websites as service). Sharing what all is needed for such an automated setup,…

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How an agency can sell Website Copy Service to clients with Kathy Krueger – SWC 58

Kathy Krueger website copy service

In website building, the design and development take the most effort, time and money. Website copy rarely features prominently in the majority of website builds done by freelancers or small agencies. In reality, website copy is what does the magic converting website visitors into customers. How can agency owners convince website clients about these magical…

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